Thursday, March 1, 2012

So close

Here's to hoping it's not broken!

Wash tripped/ lost his balance and knocked his foot against one of our floor fans.
He did not think it was hurt too bad when he went to bed last night, but this morning it is purple and very very swollen and so far even with meds, still painful.
I called Hospice and am following their nurses' advice for him, but depending on the next few hours, he might have to go down to the ER for an X-Ray to confirm if it is or is not broken.

God-damned Cancer.

It would be a very small thing to a healthy person, but ultimately, Wash is not "healthy". So, we will wait, be in contact with Hospice, and just hope very hard he sprained it not broke bones.


  1. ::fingers crossed:: that is ISN'T broken!

  2. Oh no. I wish you two could catch a break for once. :(
    Hopefully its not broken.