Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Fiddler

I have a few minutes before the busy day today begins.

Wash asked me before we went off to sleep early last night (before midnight for me!) what was *good* about my Tuesday.

Outside my supreme high stress day, I thought more and found several nice moments.

Wash brought Leto outside on his leash to keep me company while I gardened. I grabbed another half dozen ripe tomatoes, I have several pea poles now, my watermelon has just begun to come up... it was a nice way to spend an hour.

We also got to cuddle for a few hours and watch the start of "Dexter" [which neither of us have seen] and even ate dinner together at the same time.

Wash was physically strong enough to go on a walk with me yesterday too.

We got a few nice things in the mail.

Right now, I'm going to try and skip and gloss over the bad parts. For now.

But my day ended as perfectly as I could ask; with him warm in my arms.


  1. Gotta hold on to those good moments too :) Very nice post!

  2. 'STRONG enough to............ (mindfully!) seek OUT............ the *good* in your days, you certainly A.R.E.

    Lesser sorts~(trust me!)~wouldn't necessarily have FOUND those several nice moments on Tuesday, (i.e., within Tuesday's OCEAN Of Stress), but you most-certainly............ AREN'T "a lesser sort," though, Tashi!!

    Prayers and ~ (((*hugs*))) ~ to you & Wash both -