Wednesday, September 10, 2014


For anyone who wishes to remember Wash tomorrow, on the second anniversary of his passing, I offer the following options in his memory:

*Do something-anything- nice or kind for a stranger. 
*Practice Random Acts of Kindness throughout the day
*Watch some Doctor Who. Wash was quite fond of number 10. 
*Watch "The Wedding of River Song"- this was the last thing Wash requested before his coma
*Watch any 'Firefly' episode or 'Serenity'
*Get started on the Battlestar Galactica reboot from a few years ago
*Read some Carl Sagan or Ann Druyan
*Watch "Cosmos"
*Go outside in the evening and just simply stargaze
*Build something- with Lego, with wood or metal or paper or digitally. Create.
*Play a game. Any game. Grab a friend or three and play
*Drink a pint (if you are of legal drinking age) 
*Write a short story
*Read a short story
*Watch or read anything written/directed/produced by Jane Espenson. Wash adored everything she ever worked on. 
*Volunteer at a hospital or Hospice home
*Donate to Gray Matters Foundation which supports brain cancer patients and their families
*Learn the warning signs of a brain tumor 

But really, above all, tomorrow I personally have a request.
Tomorrow, September 11th, tell the people you love and care about just that.
Tell them you love them. Remind that person, or people, that they are loved, and loved by you. 

Because with Wash gone, the world needs a little more love in it. 
Because you should never go a day without telling the ones you love that you love them. 
Because love can be lost- but like all Energy in our known universe- it cannot be destroyed. Love simply changes form, but it is never lost.

Please don't waste a day. 

And my Dear Faithful Readers- I love all of you as well.