Saturday, March 17, 2012

As befits a TimeLord

I suppose I should be more shocked at the response we've gotten in the last few days. Geeks and lovers of specific shows bond hard it seems.

I'll get to some questions in a moment.

Wash has been holding steady the past few days. Physically he has been a bit more run down for some reason, we were not even going out on a walk to the mailbox together, he's just been physically tired lately. I did get him and Leto outside to watch me garden the other day, but he was too tired to even read out loud then, just watch and look at the green oasis I have made in the back.
I did later last night get him out for a small walk around the block. His first real physical activity in about 3 days. He crashed out before midnight and is still in bed now, trying to disappear under the covers.

Mentally he has been fairly present and even this week, though again, I've noticed him not reading words as much- he's switched over from some short novels to a comic series now. I notice these things, but I'm not really sure how aware he is of them. This is the unpredictable portion of the predictable cycle of brain cancer.

And speaking of, to every single one of you who has read our story, shared our story, or donated in some way; thank you. I literally could not give him the highest quality of life *I* can without all of you.

As to the TARDIS; we actually DO have a TARDIS cookie jar! I got one for Wash for giftmas back in Dec of 2010. We tend to keep Jammie Dodgers in it and it frequently is moved about downstairs. Wash does not want the plastic, or the memories we have of the cookie jar fucking me up after he's gone.
We have received about a dozen offers so far from folks willing to do a ceramic urn for Wash; he is trying to look through portfolios and decide which idea he likes the best. It is his decision, and I will do my best to thank every offer we have received personally- a small thank you for all the wonderful woodworkers who have reached out as well.

We are in touch with April from Regretsy to choose the final urn, and Wash again thanks every single artist who has offered to help give him his wish of a resting place.

It can be overwhelming sometimes to be this young and thrown into a situation like this, and I would not have made it this far and long were it not for the oftentimes unconventional support.

Wash and I are Browncoats too, and I think he has really seen just how many people he has around to carry him when he can't even crawl.


Wash also says if anyone wants to or can get in touch with The Grand Moff [Stephen Moffat] or Nathan Fillion he would be happy to get some kind of dying-geek shout-out from his idols.

[Thank you to R. for the most excellent photoshop on the pic. I frakkin' LOVE it. Someone tell Wil Wheaton we're saving Wash now, not Ferris]


  1. Hi Tashi --

    I'm glad the Regretsy community responded as it usually does, and I wanted to give you a heads-up on a package that should be shipped out to you on Monday.

    Mostly I want to explain that only ONE item in the tube was my idea -- the remainder are gifts from the artist himself.

    Because you mentioned Wash's undying love for "Firefly" (which we also love!) and the Muppets, I ordered a mashup print from British-in-Florida artist James Hance called "Firefrog" (Muppets as Firefly characters). James himself is including additional Firefly prints (different images) because apparently he's as cool as his art. I hope you don't mind, and I hope you guys like them.

    My mother died of breast cancer that had metastasized to her brain, so I can understand to some extent what you're going through. Vast difference between mother and husband, though. Cancer sucks.

    Good luck. I hope something comes through with Nathan Fillion soon.


    (when my husband and I got married 2 years ago [second for both of us] he wore his kilt and I wore a red dress, so it seems we accidentally copied you guys...)

  2. I'm here via Regretsy as well, and thanks to my own compulsions, I just read your blog. The whole thing. I'm emotionally exhausted, and that's just from READING it! How you've persevered LIVING it is an inspiration and a beautiful testament to your love. I am sending you and Wash so much positive energy and healing!

  3. There is something called the Makerbot, search it and you can read all about it and see videos, I am sure it can make a tardis urn. It is really awesome.

  4. Hi, just read the daily mail article and wanted to send you a link for:

    This site is created by a survivor for those diagnosed with catastrophic illness. It is a take off on a wedding gift site model. Ask for what ever your heart desires.Great site. Warm regards, Mary Bjoraker

  5. Facebook posted a ThinkGeek updated on my news feed. I followed it here and spent the last hour or two reading and alternatively crying and laughing. You have been through and are still on an emotional roller coaster and you manage to find the silver lining in everything.

    From one Browncoat to another, positive energy for peace and comfort to you and yours.

    1. PS I didn't wear a red dress but my bridesmaids did, and my husband and all the groomsmen wore kilts. :)

  6. i just hope nathan filion wount hate me for the rest of his life after this week :)

  7. @MadDogTob - me too, I just tweeted him @NathanFillion ...