Friday, March 9, 2012

Dancing Through Life

I still need like, 6 more hours of sleep.
We were 6 rows back, dead centre.

I could see the mikes on the actors. We could see everything on the set. We were not hearing any mics or speakers, that close all we heard was their voices.

There is no one word to describe how excellent and memorable that show was for us. How many great memories we will now have.
Wash says he is happy to cross this from his "bucket list".

Good shot, Wash. He asked the Hospice folks to help him do this for us/for our anniversary and it was incredible.

I think hearing "Defying Gravity" live will be one of my happiest memories of my life. True, hearing Mandy sing in "Les Mis" when I was little was GREAT, but.... Elphaba holds a most special place in my heart.

I feel like floating on happiness today.


  1. Love it! I have happy goosebumps hearing this. So glad you guys had such a good time.

  2. 'Watched the 5:03 Trailer video of "Wicked" on ............ ............ and, (if I had your & Wash's lovely evening yesterday), I'd still be *F.*L.*O.*A.*T.*I.*N.*G.* today, too, Tashi!!

  3. dancing through life
    no need to tough it
    when you can sluff it off as i do
    nothing matters
    but knowing nothing matters
    it's just life
    so keep dancing through...