Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Civic Duties

Not a Bus Strike or brain cancer can keep Wash and myself from our Civic duty to VOTE.

If I don't participate in the Electoral process, how can I even think to voice outrage or support?

In other news, I have awesome friends. Some girl friends got together to get me a nice tea brewing set inside the mug (with lid!) AND- they got me motherfrakking compostable tea for it! This is how I know they know and love me; not only the tea, but they know I love gardening and got me tea that would serve me well after I drank it. I am in love with my MFCoAW.

Also, some friends of ours (Roseanna, Hi!) sent us the coolest gift set; soaps from the oldest apathocary shop in the US! Wash got a set of soaps that former Presidents used! (scent wise, not a old used bar.) So, he can now smell like Washington, Ike, or Kennedy! I am fascinated by the history of it, and the scents are really nice too! Wash is adoring the idea that he smells like a former President.

We are both excited for tomorrow. 3 years married. Considering everything we have overcome together, I think it is amazing. Some days I feel like we have packed 3 decades into 3 years, then again, we have to.

Wash is getting some help in the afternoon to make dinner for us. I'm still hoping for some cool things in the mail for him, and still hoping on the off chance he will get a "Firefly" type congrats. A big part of why he has fought against this cancer (that he really can't "beat") has been for me. Much like everything that I do for him, for his smile, for a memory he can remember; he has fought to stay alive in part, for me.
He sees something so special and good in me, he has fought death to stay by my side this long.
I think that is a pretty special gift for any day, let alone our anniversary.

I'm a very lucky person, even on the bad days. I have still had 4 years together, 3 years married with the love of my life. With the other half of my soul. The person who resonates so deep within me that I will go through hell and back to have him even for one more day.

Frak cancer.
Frak brain cancer.
Frak tumors.
Frak chemo side effects.
Frak doctors who don't think he is worth "saving".
Frak insurance companies that think he is too expensive to keep alive.
Frak the drama.
Frak the bad nights and bad mornings.
Frak the tears.

For 3 years I have had the honor to be married to the person I love more than myself.
For 4 years I have known the man who changed me, and believes in me, and loves me.

It is bittersweet, but I am happy and thankful for every memory- happy or painful.

Happy almost Pi day, indeed.


  1. Totally unrelated to this post, but I wanted to let you know: Regretsy posted your request today. I imagine you'll be hearing back from HK soon, but many of my fellow Regretsians are asking to make donations or hold a fundraiser.
    Since you have a public blog, I posted your internet addy, but thought that you should know that A. I put it on Regretsy and B. all the FJLs would like to help, and C. we all think the Tardis idea is seriously cool (someone also suggested a Firefly though).
    Please contact us if you would like some FJL assistance, if HK hasn't already done so. I have NO idea if you have been in contact already. I'm on there as reddogbon, btw.

  2. I'm a regretsian here from that link. Know that I'm praying for you guys - cancer sucks!

  3. Same here, scooted on over from Regretsy. I can't even voice how much my heart is bleeding for you right now, life is fucking unfair. If there's anything else he (or even you, hell, I don't think you're getting enough TLC here!) wants crafted or is hankering for specifically I'd say shout, you've got an army of FJLs at the ready- I've got my hands on my hot glue gun ready to go as I type!

  4. Good article about civic duties. Socially responsible.

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  5. Same here - visiting from Regretsy. My 14-year-old son's best friend lost his father to this same cancer in November. It sucks. Keep reaching out...

  6. I'm also here from Regretsy. I'm a former caregiver to my own husband who had cancer, and he was 34. I know what it's like to sit there and watch this thing try to kill your soulmate.

    I just want you to know that I've been thinking of you ever since I read about it. Please please if you need someone to vent to, don't hesitate to email me.

  7. Hello,

    I know we don't know one another but I thought I'd send you a comment after reading your request on Regretsy. My uncle who was 65, was first diagnosed with prostate cancer this past fall. A couple months later, he then developed a brain tumor which had no cure and was growing rapidly. All of the doctors said they couldn't believe how fast his tumor was growing and that they'd never seen anything like this before. Within a week, his whole body had shut down and he couldn't talk or eat. Please know you're not alone with this as many of us have gone through the same thing with family members or friends. It is a very terrible thing to endure but one thing no one ever likes seeing is someone who is suffering. I'm very glad that you too are still able to live a normal life as that was impossible for my uncle. Please feel free to email me if you need anyone to talk to. I always enjoy helping others and will never shy away from helping a stranger.

  8. All of the *extraordinarily-nice* and very empathetic Above Comments already here today, March 14th~~(on this your & Wash's 3rd Wedding Anniversary)~~are almost like............ An Anniversary Shower Of Kindness And Good Wishes............ gently raining down ON you & Wash, Tashi!! *Ahhhhhhh............* (By the way, you're very welcome for the little Caswell-Massey soap sets; and I also agree with you & Wash about Voting, i.e., my maternal grandmother and her family came to America from Moravia, now the Czech Republic, in the dank/dark/smelly hold of a ship, which somehow always "inspires" me to Vote, you know!!)

    Have a lovely Pi Day~~~(and maybe even an Anniversary Pumpkin Pie Day, too)!!

  9. Happy Anniversary Tashi & Wash!!! May you have the most perfect day ever! ♥