Thursday, March 1, 2012

Congratulations, Mr P-K, it's a Sprain!

We need every bit of good news we can get today. I'll have a longer post later.
Thankfully, nurse says a bad sprain, but he will be fine if he stays off it for a few days and takes it easy for a few weeks. Considering we already have a wheelchair, I think we'll be juuuuust fine.


  1. Good, its not broken! Poor pinkie toe, though.

  2. Four days ago~~~(i.e., this past Wednesday)~~~that must've really, really *H.U.R.T.*, i.e., when Wash accidentally knocked his (L) foot against one of the floor fans in your place!! Jack and I hope his poor, purple-and-swollen (L) 5th toe............ is becoming less painful for him!!