Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fluffy Days

So much to do today, I don't have much time for an update.

Someone from the long-term care side of Wash's main insurance; AHCCCS is coming over today for another medical evaluation. Sadly our social worker can't come til tomorrow to explain things, but I am just going to write down every question that I have today with the new 'case manager'. I got some paperwork from ALTCS a day ago (finally!) but it is 9 pages of financial reports that I just do not comprehend. I cannot tell if we were approved or denied again! At least they were correct with our reported income; $26.00 in the bank. Hopefully the Social Worker will shed some light on the papers tomorrow.

Wash had an interesting day yesterday; He woke up very confused, was not certain really what day it was or the things he needed to do, even after looking at the schedule on the board I put up for him. He was just getting so mixed up and a little scared. I called our Hospice nurse, who spoke to him for a few minutes. Since he was not aggravated with his confusion this time, she asked us to check in again in a few hours, see how he was then. He was not angry at all, just a sad and confused.
My mum came over in the afternoon to help us on a couple errands, and Wash was feeling a bit better when we went out at first, but he was tired and dropping by the time we were done with the first thing. Poor guy. I had him sit down in a chair but he was still just so tired. I think I should have just put him in his wheelchair yesterday for going out.
We took him home and put him to bed while I went out to finish my errands as he slept.
He had a 2 hour plus nap and was a bit more lively when he woke, and a lot less confused at that point. I called the Hospice Nurse back, she spoke to Wash again and seemed to agree that resting did a good job of helping to "clear" his brain.

It was a busy day on top of taking care of him.

I'm doing my best to catch up on emails and such, I ask a little patience.
So, we have the entire afternoon blocked off for Wash's medical stuff and then recovery time for him, and then it's the last Shepard's Pie Tuesday for the "winter" so I am looking personally to my [step]dad's cooking tonight. He makes some wonderful vegetarian meals for me, and I love so much that he does it with love for me.

AND THEN comes Wednesday and my happiest hopeful moment of the week; my older brother is coming in from Japan! He's only in town for one night, as he was hired to fly some folks in for a Spring Training game and fly out tomorrow, but I am so excited to see my brother! He's about 12 years older than me, so we are not *super* close, but he is my older brother, and I love him like I love every one of my siblings. {Step or bio}

I want to also take even a minute and just write out a thank you to every single one of you. Everyone that has stopped by and read my words, or heard Wash's wish, or spread our story, or felt moved to help in some way, thank you. It is every single one of you who gives me Hope for us as humans, who give me Hope that we as humans can in fact come together.

I will be hoping for a good day for us, a good day for Wash, and I honestly hope that every one of you, Dear Readers has something good in your day too.

I hope you know that you are loved, and thanked, and appreciated just as much as Wash and I feel today from all of you.


  1. Hopes for better days and a tasty shephards pie :) Yay spring!

  2. I'm so glad that your dear brother from Japan will be able to visit you & Wash on this, the SECOND Day Of Spring!!

    If you're able to do a Skype call again to Japan----(i.e., as you did in your 8/9/11 blogpost, "Champions of Queen")----it would be SO much fun for your *cute* 3-year-old nephew in Japan to talk with you & Wash, Tashi, WHILE your nephew's otosan, (i.e., his Dad)............ is right THERE, with you & Wash in Tempe!!

    (If you're able to do a Skype call to Japan, just say the words "Thomas! Train!" again; and............ THAT should really get............ your little nephew talkin', you know, haha!!)

  3. Tashi & Wash,
    Found my way here via FaceBook (ThinkGeek & BeingAGeek) and I empathize and sympathize. Look for something in your mail between Mar. 28, 2012 - Mar. 31, 2012. It's not much, but I hope it can bring a smile to your face, and know that a fellow Browncoat (and geek) family will try to help 'carry you', albeit virtually.
    Much love, strength, & hope,
    Jennifer "CelticElff" Martin