Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Growing up

I have a few moments between emails today while Wash is getting his massage/pain therapy downstairs.

He's doing better. Mentally at least. I managed to get him outside of the house yesterday for dinner at my mums and a walk. Small steps, but it is something. He's coming away from his scary weekend, and is acting more like the "Wash" I recall, his personality is coming in a bit more. His meds were adjusted, so I am hoping that was the right change he needed.

Thank you to all the friends and Dear Readers who have left nice comments for Wash (us). I do read them to him and he soaks up every single kind word right now.

I've been working a lot more in the garden. More solar lights, more plants, more herbs, and my folks even gave me an old trellis they had but were not going to us! The garden is a way for me to be around living things and keep sane, and it's a nice space for Wash that reminds him of happier times and our potential as a couple and family.

The kitties have been more social, even though it is getting warmer. I am shocked. Aelphie comes downstairs some days when Hospice folks are over, and Leto of course greets everyone and even now has a few people he knows will let him climb in their laps.
We had a small sad moment yesterday though, Leto has officially outgrown his (Adult Cat sized) harness! I was watching him the other night and he was walking around like a kid on all fours wearing a sweater WAYYYYYY too small. Kind of cute, but that must have been tiring for him! It's not the girth, that was fine, but the length- he's getting even longer and lankier. So, I guess I need to take a trip to the petstore to get him a dog sized harness. Leto has been CRAZY this morning, running back and forth to all the doors, sitting in front, waiting and willing us to take him out, but he knows he doesn't go out without a harness and leash (his collar is always on) so he just cries. Poor guy. I guess he really enjoys going out with us. He truly is a sympathy and therapy cat.

After his nap I'm going to have Wash take a look at some Urn-makers and try to catch up on the wonderful offers that have come in from the CF4L crowd. I wish I had more energy to answer everything in the proper timely fashion. I do what I can, and Wash gets first.

My own heath problems are not really resolving yet. My meds will take about 2 weeks to really start to work and maybe repair some damage. I'm not certain if I'd be better off now if I still had my gallbladder, or if it just would have melted in me regardless. I'm in a lot of pain daily, but I'm trying to listen to my doctor about foods /diet and give the meds the time to work.

Laundry today. At some point. I've also averaged less than 4 hours of sleep for the last three nights and no nap longer than 20 mins uninterrupted. I'd like a nap, but I can't sleep unless Wash is, or someone else is around to watch him. I will be happy come April when he can be approved for some home aides to help give me some respite.

Cat cuddles, a good movie or two, and some chocolate with mint tea made from my garden are on my list today.

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  1. When you wrote, "The garden is a way for me to be around living things and keep sane, and it's a nice space for Wash that reminds him of happier times and our potential as a couple and family," this quotation............ (which I have always loved!!)............ came to mind:

    "Flowers are sunshine,
    food, and medicine
    to the soul."
    ~ Luther Burbank

    I might personally amend Luther Burbank's (very insightful!!) words to say that not only do FLOWERS provide those *three* soothing/comforting things to the soul; but~~(as you know, Tashi)~~the amazing K.I.N.D.N.E.S.S.E.S. of your friends, Dear Readers, and the CF4L crowd............ ALSO, in a way, provide "sunshine, food, and medicine" TO............ your & Wash's very souls in these very hardest of times, too.

    Prayers and ~ (((*hugs*))) ~ to you & Wash both -