Sunday, September 13, 2015

L'shana Tovah

There are still a few hours left in 5775, here is to wishing a Happy New Year 5776!
May this be a year of Peace, Love, Camaraderie, Healing, and Joy for all.

Though there may be blame to share, I ask forgiveness.
Though there may have been harm, I ask for healing. 
Though hearts may have hardened, I ask for love and compassion.
Though there may have been destruction, I ask for solidarity in building anew. 
Though there is War, I ask in humility for Peace.

שנה טובה l'


Monday, July 13, 2015

Serenity, Now

I'm trying to get in to have my mental health meds adjusted, but apparently my EAP service switched as of July 1st, so I'm back on a waiting list.
I need Xanax bad, and I've got barely two weeks left of my antidepressants.
I've noticed my Aspie tics are coming back hard, and I have no control over my compulsions.
I'm scared to see someone new and have to tell the whole story again. It fucking traumatizes me more every time I have to go into details with Psychs to explain.

But, I'm really not doing well. I'm going to work, and feeding/caring for the cats. Paying bills. Literally that is it. I'm barely doing laundry, my house is so bad I won't even let my father inside anymore, and I just don't fucking care at all about my appearance or clothing or shit. I'm barely eating even one whole meal each day.

I've outlived Wash. It'll be his birthday soon, and even sooner his Death anniversary.
I know I'm not doing well. I know I need my meds changed, probably increased, and I need way the fuck more Xanax, because I can't fucking cope.

I've outlived him. He did so much, and I've done fuckall. They keep trying to change my job too, so I barely feel like I'm even helping anyone anymore.
I'm just having trouble seeing the point of anything.
I don't have joy in anything anymore. It's all fucking pretend and a mask I wear, and it's exhausting to pretend to be "ok" all the damn time.

I'm not even hanging out with my neighbours much anymore.
Everything hurts. Everything.

It should have been me, not him.

It's all just a waste of time. A wait for time to pass. For nothing. He's not coming back.
I lost my husband, my family, my best friend, my future.

I feel like I am merely existing, a fucking shadow.
And I feel like no one wants to listen.
"It's been 3 years, Tashi...."
No. It was yesterday. It was last hour. It was one minute ago. It is always happening, over and over and over, never stopping the pain.

So, I haven't really been around much. That's why.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


To everyone wishing me a good/happy birthday, my deepest gratitude and love to have so many people care.
5 years ago was the worst birthdate of my life, and I have no words for how thankful I am to have loving friends and family to lend support and love to me on a happy, but tragic day. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


For anyone who wishes to remember Wash tomorrow, on the second anniversary of his passing, I offer the following options in his memory:

*Do something-anything- nice or kind for a stranger. 
*Practice Random Acts of Kindness throughout the day
*Watch some Doctor Who. Wash was quite fond of number 10. 
*Watch "The Wedding of River Song"- this was the last thing Wash requested before his coma
*Watch any 'Firefly' episode or 'Serenity'
*Get started on the Battlestar Galactica reboot from a few years ago
*Read some Carl Sagan or Ann Druyan
*Watch "Cosmos"
*Go outside in the evening and just simply stargaze
*Build something- with Lego, with wood or metal or paper or digitally. Create.
*Play a game. Any game. Grab a friend or three and play
*Drink a pint (if you are of legal drinking age) 
*Write a short story
*Read a short story
*Watch or read anything written/directed/produced by Jane Espenson. Wash adored everything she ever worked on. 
*Volunteer at a hospital or Hospice home
*Donate to Gray Matters Foundation which supports brain cancer patients and their families
*Learn the warning signs of a brain tumor 

But really, above all, tomorrow I personally have a request.
Tomorrow, September 11th, tell the people you love and care about just that.
Tell them you love them. Remind that person, or people, that they are loved, and loved by you. 

Because with Wash gone, the world needs a little more love in it. 
Because you should never go a day without telling the ones you love that you love them. 
Because love can be lost- but like all Energy in our known universe- it cannot be destroyed. Love simply changes form, but it is never lost.

Please don't waste a day. 

And my Dear Faithful Readers- I love all of you as well. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014


3 weeks to the Deathaversary.

I may have to take a big social and media break. I am just having too many flashbacks and hard emotions and PTSD symptoms coming and flaring up.

My Gaïus-Wash has been around more. I hear his voice and smell him when I wake. 
I am just trying to fake being normal right now and hide the pain that is making me seek whatever numbness I can find.

I need to update this site.
I need to see less photos of him, and more. I want to hear the stories of him from friends, even the ones I have heard before.
I need to know he is not forgotten. 

I need to have myself accept truly, he is for the ages now. He belongs to time and the universe, to no mortal being. 
He is both mine, and not. 

He is Stardust.

I cannot say "goodbye".
Allons-Y, Wash. 
Allons-Y, my Time Lord.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Still Alive

I am stuck at home with Asthmatic Complex Bronchitis right now.

So bored.
I want to be at work. Feeling useful. Like I contribute. 
I want to be helping all the people who need insurance right now.
It's what I do, and I get so much satisfaction from my work.
2 more months and I will have been there a year! 

The cats are fine, but being little buttheads and ignoring me whilst I am I'll and in pain.
Ok, not that much pain, but I would still like to pet one of my cats. They just want to eat and nap right now.

I've been doing fairly well as of late.
I made new local friends.
I am out socializing in a non-work capacity now about 3-5 nights a week. I see my family almost every Sunday for breakfast/brunch and some Sci-Fi TV show watching.
I am currently introducing my brother and father to the joys of Warehouse 13.
Overall, I am being compliant with my meds, have a job and routine schedule, get out of my home to socialize with others, gaming again, and repairing family ties.
I'm in a better place. I can say that.

I still have hard days. I had a PTSD trigger at work a couple weeks ago, and that left me a mess for days.
I don't think a day has gone by without a thought or a million of Wash.
I miss him. So many little things and details. I wish he was still here for all the new things going on; weddings, births, graduations, careers, friends buying homes or moving away. So many daily moments of things I just want to share with him.

But I am trying to think of myself now. Which is difficult.
I am trying to think about my own wants, desires, joys. My own future, career, life.

It is not easy, but I work on that daily. It helps to distract from the pain of his loss. That has never faded. I have only found ways to distract myself from it- my job is a wonderful salve. 

I just want to think he would be proud of me.

Lungs hurt too much, so I will continue later. 
Enjoy a photo of myself in a Bane (nebulizer) mask. 
It felt like I was a dragon with that on.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


5 years ago today I was packing for our Vegas wedding and sitting in my living room with my intended, three witnesses, and our officiant going over our wedding paperwork.

My heart hurts not for love I have lost, but pain BECAUSE I have loved with all of my being. I gave myself to him, and he to me.

It was the hardest, most joyous, and deepest gift I could ever have given. 
It was worth the pain I feel now, for even the memories of the soul we shared.

I will share one more thing- the first book Wash ever loaned to me was his precious copy of Carl Sagan's "Cosmos".
Owning a copy myself, it was the gesture rather than the book itself that lent meaning.
He told me from the start, We are ALL made of stardust...


Story Time, friends.

Back around Feb 2008 or so, my wonderful friend E. spent almost two straight months trying to introduce me to a guy. April comes around and I do meet him- and immediately assume he is not single.
A week later, she began to bug me- 'What do you think of him??'
After I learned he was in fact, free to date, I agreed on a dinner with him.

We had one date at the end of May 2008. Our dinner lasted 4 hours. We spent another two talking after that, and ended up falling asleep on his couch watching "Serenity".
I waited a full week before agreeing to another date.

We then proceeded to see each other almost every day throughout June and into July.
We decided to take a visit to IKEA at the end of July. He loved architecture, I always need bookshelves. We were holding hands, just enjoying each other's company.
It was then I spotted it- a gorgeous recessed sink on a small stand. I must have said something or made a 'WANT' sound, because he was asking me about it- where would I want it, the functionality, and more.
He said it would be good in OUR bathroom.
I replied I was not planning on living with anyone but my future spouse.
He said he knew that. He still thought it would look nice in our space.

We both held silence for a half minute. I recall I was the one who broke the silence with a pointed question," Wash , did we just get engaged at the IKEA?!"

Why, yes, yes we did. There was an official proposal a couple of weeks later, but our engagement began after about 6 or 7 weeks of dating. The "official" proposal was at our favourite Diner, and though he got to embarrass me there, as he had asked for an engagement ring himself, I got to get down on my knee as well before I placed the ring on his finger.

I honestly think I knew though, that first night, on our first proper date.
That man would be in my life for as long as I lived. He would be my husband, or my best friend, or both, but my life would not be complete without him.

That, my friends, is the start of my love story with Wash.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Too Little, Too Late

I was doing ok today. Not great, but not horrid.
I get home and sitting in my mailbox are two letters. Both from the same place, both unsolicited "junk" mail.
One was for me, one for Wash.
They were soliciting for Health Insurance.

"WASH- Did YOU know you can now be covered for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare? Well, you can! Give us money! ...."

And just... getting mail for him today was shitty. Most days it does not bother me at all anymore. Not today.
Especially getting THIS mail.

Only 5 years too late.

I tried going for a walk. I even ran into one of my Rabbis out with his baby daughter for a stroll as well. That helped distract me some. But.
Now my brain is stuck on the "what if" line of thoughts. And that is a very bad place for me to go down.

I am so mad at the world/universe/whatever right now. It all just hurts so badly, and I am just so fucking MAD.

I can't even have a good cry because my asthma is too shitty today to let me breathe in-between sobs.

I just want him back. I know it is impossible. Not improbable, but impossible. And that hurts.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Today is Aelphaba's 9th Birth(whelping)day.

With Wash gone, she is probably my Best Friend.

The last decade has been much better for me with her in it.