Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flying High

Hospice is so awesome.

Wash asked our SW for some help to do something nice for *me* for our anniversary.

They got us tickets to Wicked! tonight.

With Idina.

That means I not only get to see theatre, which I LOVE, but I get to hear/see the actress whom I fell in love with on the original cast recording back in 2001 or so.
I read the book in 7th grade.

To say I am mmm, excited, about tonight would be quite the understatement.

Apparently some friends of mine are also throwing me a (belated) Bridal Shower/Party this weekend- see as we eloped in secret, I never got one. We were engaged, but we never had any public recognition of our marriage until Wash was sick; and then of course, the focus was on his health, not "us" as a married couple now.

I am hopeful and trying to really be happy and enjoy this. I cannot allow myself to remember the other half of this right now- I'm going all out because I am really not certain if my husband will be alive for our 4th anniversary next year.

Wash also got to have a nice little Skype chat last night. One of our very close and good friends is still taking orders from Uncle Sam through Nov or so this year- we rarely get to see him, but I wanted him to know and I wanted to make sure Wash got to talk to his friend before he left, and while he still knew who he was speaking to. They caught up for about a half hour last night, and there were plenty of laughs and some good news shared.

I should have an ALTCS update tomorrow, hopefully.

Now, since Wash got his awesome gift for me all set; who wants to help with the other parts of my gift to him? I want for Wash- something personalized from Nathan Fillion. It can be a book or a napkin, or a phone call. I just want Wash to know (even for a few seconds) that Nathan knows who he is, what he is fighting (a losing battle), and that he (Nathan) symbolizes Wash's hero; the Browncoat who *never* gives up.

My Wash IS a Browncoat. Has been since the day I met him.


  1. awe congrats and hope its an awesome time. In other news Id like to let you konw I've tagged you on my blog for a kreativ blog award, if you're intersted, check it out :)) Congrats again!

  2. Hospice IS indeed *awesome*, Tashi, because Hospice genuinely HELPS it's patients~~~(along with their spouses, significant others, and/or Family and friends)~~~to make The Absolute *Most* Of Their Lives............ as their Lives ARE now, (i.e., whatever/however/wherever that may be).

    So, for you & Wash, we might not know (this evening) whether or not there's "Someone's In The Kitchen WITH Dina"; but............ we DO know that there's someone in "Wicked" NAMED Idina............ and I hope your & Wash's night out (tonight) will be prove to be truly *M.*A.*G.*I.*C.*A.*L.* for you both, you know!!

  3. ............ your & Wash's night out (tonight) will be/'prove to be truly *M.*A.*G.*I.*C.*A.*L.*............

  4. I just messaged him on Twitter with a link to your blog and asked all of my friends to do the same. I am crossing my fingers!

  5. Hi there. I found your blog (with some searching) after reading a touching post on Regretsy. I had to stop by because my cousin has had glioblastoma for almost 6 years. The battles have been so hard - but the love of family and friends has been stronger than I could ever have imagined. My heart goes out to you and your husband - and I am sending lots of love and light from the DC area. I hope you get something AWESOME from Regretsy and I hope this spring provides you with awesome memories.

  6. WOW, I am so pleased you got to go and do something for your anniversary. I loved Wicked and have posted a link to the video that was made for me.

    Steve and I went to see Avenue Q a few weeks before he passed but that too was an annversary gift, there'sa song in that show called "Purpose" it touched us both.

    I have read your other posts and I can only imagine how hard it is for you, GBM is such a cruel disease and I'd give anything to be back to the time when I knew nothing about it and I am sure you would too.

    Cherish the good times, they'll keep you smiling through the tough ones.

    Sending love to you both XXX