Tuesday, October 16, 2012

For Wash, A Rally Cry

Please remember friends, when Kevin "Wash" first became sick in 2009 we tried for months to get him insured and seeing a proper doctor.
We could not afford a trip to the Emergency Room; our local one which would not have even shown his cancer, because they do not have MRI capabilities.
His tumor grew over months. Agonizing months for him, and me.
We were denied AHCCCS insurance first in August 2009. 
Again in September. His Glioblastoma Multiforme tumor growing the whole time.
October came with an appeals date for health insurance; October 28th, 2009.

Kevin was hospitalized from the tumor and brain damage on October 26th, 2009.

Do I think having proper insurance, having a proper doctor earlier would have saved his life? No, he had a GBM. It was a death sentence.
But, I do believe that had we been able to get him a proper MRI that summer when his symptoms were first evident, his tumor would have been smaller, and he might have had a longer time or a better Quality of Life at his very end.

No one should face what we had to at our age. Because of the Affordable Care Act after 2014, hopefully no one will.

But, people DO die in this country every day, who could have been saved with preventive care.
Vote, because your life DOES depend on it.


  1. My dad died of colon cancer. It was caught in stage 4. His symptoms were.. things a man in his mid 40s probably didn't want to admit. I dunno if he would have seen a doctor. He died after 14 months. He would have chosen euthanasia if he could have. Less than a year later my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, also stage 4. I think she didn't go because of the cost honestly.. she lost Dad's insurance shortly after that and had to buy her own. She was labeled a pre-existing condition for cancer. Now we pay $800 dollars a month for them to deny her the medication her doctor wants her on. People tell her to go on medicare or medicaid or whatever the hell it is.. but to do that you have to go without for 6 months. 6 Months a tumor could come back.

    She's still here.. 3 years later. No remission.. no sign of cancer.. but her counts still come and go.

    What does the future hold for me? No cancer in my family till now. I dread the day I have to reveal my family history if the Affordable Care Act does not stay ineffect.

    I can't believe people want to allow the insurance companies to deny my Mother her care..

    I will vote. For you. For Wash. For my Mother..

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