Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Finally feel like making something for myself to eat. My house smells like matzoh ball soup now. Good comfort food to me.


  1. 'NOTHING more comforting to eat than nice, s.t.e.a.m.i.n.g.-hot soup!! I always think of----(i.e., just from your blog here)----your homemade "matzoh ball soup with CARROTS"; and that (to true cooked carrots lover me!!) must almost-then-be............ DOUBLY comforting, you know.

    'Hope your breathing is better this evening than it was this morning; and May Some Gentle, Peaceful Hours of Sleep............ Be Yours Tonight, Tashi.

    {(*hugs*)} -

  2. sending comforting thoughts your way to go along with the soup.

  3. Things get better. I know in the beginning it feels like an emptiness that you can never shake, and the biggest fear is that you will be stuck feeling this way for the rest of your life. You won't be.

    You never truly "get over" losing someone (who thought of that stupid phrase anyway?!). But I can tell you that when you make it to the other side of the grief you will look back and realize that you have survived the worst thing you can imagine. You realize that you are strong, and nothing can ever hurt you. I mean after all, this was the hardest thing that you could imagine and you did it. YOU did it.

    The pain is always there, and there are days where you will feel it like it was yesterday. Slowly, the days where it hurts that bad will start to become less and less.

    It was a shitty thing, and you didn't deserve it to happen. <3

  4. I would not insult you by suggesting I understand what you are going thru. But I am going thru a very hard life-lesson right now myself. And like you I am designating my days as 'good' or 'bad'. Good just means I cry less than on bad days. Anyway, I am trying to force myself to think of one good thing everyday (well, so far, it has been the same thing). And try and force myself to think of that thing when things get bad. If nothing else, it sometimes forces an ironic laugh at myself. Not sure it is helping - but it is making me think of something else...

  5. <3 Keep being you, one day at a time it will get easier to breathe... it won't ever be the same again, but Wash and so many other people want good things for you. Just remember to take it slow, wether it be one day at a time, or one minute, lots of love and good thoughts!

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