Friday, September 7, 2012

Leto watches "Animal Cops" with me

Heard back first thing from AHCCCS/Insurance Dept. They just need a statement that I hurt myself when I broke my foot, and that it was not the result of an auto accident or work injury (ha!).
I asked if I could write down that it was due to lack of paid help from the same insurance for my husband's care, and the lady was, "Sure, as long as it's true."

AHCCCS, check.
Your move.

Raining this morning. Woke up to phone calls. Back to sleep. Rain. Back to sleep. Cats crying for Nums. Back to sleep.
Wash screaming and running/throwing himself down the stairs; WOAH, OK I AM AWAKE.

He heard the neighbour's door knock and in his brain that was his cue to wake and "Oh I need to go to work!"
He came down the stairs and just started falling over everything.

It's gonna be an ... interesting... day.

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  1. Sounds like a very interesting beginning to the day for sure. :)