Monday, July 30, 2012

Eye of the Storm

Wash had some severe pain this morning.
Literally screaming, waking me up.

Hospice had his nurse talk to us and he got pain meds. They did help. He had almost a full breakfast and a snack.
The nurse checked in again this afternoon. It could be a side effect of one of his meds, but perhaps not likely as nothing has changed in about 2 weeks.

He had more pain medication in the afternoon when he started feeling the stabbing in his joints again.

He's been asleep now for about 2 hours. He said he was feeling (after meds) "I don't hurt, I feel warm and fluffy."
Aephie is catloafed at Wash's feet on the bed. She and Leto have been taking turns today guarding him.

I'm going to try and get a short nap in today. I have a horrid feeling I might not get much sleep tonight.

He had to put the LEGO building on hold for a little while, moving for him hurt too much.

Hospice is being great right now.

I am very, very tired.


  1. Get some sleep! Glad hospice is there to help out. I hope things pick up tomorrow!

  2. Praying for peace and rest for you both. Best wishes from Oregon.