Thursday, July 19, 2012

You have a Friend

Ignoring the pile of bedding and the apparent crappiness of this quality, Wash is LOVING the LEGO sets.
Please send more LEGOs he says.
.... he was *this close* to being an architect graduate. He HAS to build. LEGOs are safe. We're all happy.

Longer post to come later, it was a long night; Wash had his first ever nigh terror (with me).


  1. wow that Lego building is pretty awesome! :)

  2. Can you add some of the sets he'd like to your Amazon wishlist, so we can send some that he'd particularly enjoy and doesn't have?

    I'm happy to send one his way :)

  3. Turbo tank! Any interest in LEGOs outside of the Star Wars theme? I might have a Creator set or two.

    Too bad they didn't do any Firefly sets. Although somebody just tried:
    Rejected by LEGO because of Inara's profession.