Sunday, July 22, 2012

JTOP gets a Shoutout

Wash had a tough week. He was very much himself, which can sometimes be painful for me; he knows how far gone he is, how much he has lost.

The up side to that is he was feeling in control enough to finally go see "Brave" tonight.

It was lovely. We went with a college friend of mine and got to catch up with her for a while after the movie too. We might start meeting weekly to chat and catch up.

My morning was hard. I was crying a lot and trying not to sink into a real depression. Since Wash has been more "present" he asks me a lot of things that make him sad; and me too.
It was a wonderful blessing to get to go out tonight.

We had a packed small theatre, but the kids were pretty well behaved. More so, the parents were super attentive to their children and kept them quiet and were very careful to not interrupt or disturb the other patrons when they had their 6-8 potty breaks. There was even a baby; but ze slept through almost everything and when ze whined a little bit, zher mum took zher right out so as not to disturb anyone else.
Perfect way to do it.

Wash was dancing in his seat the whole movie through. He bumped my broken toe a couple times on accident, but I just dealt with it.
The good part for me was the way he would reach over to hold my hand during the movie. The way he squeezed it at the few scary/dramatic scenes. His smile at the end of it. Then, the best part; during the credits (of course we stay for the Easter Egg!) Wash spotted the name of a Pixar worker he knew and acted with back from the bay area. Apparently, he also had his nickname in the credits, which made Wash literally stand out of his seat and "Whoop" in joy for his friends' success.

That's the kind of person Wash is; he cares and he loves and enjoys seeing his friends and family succeed and be happy.

We came home and saw some friends sent him 2 more LEGO sets. Now he has some Ewoks! He really does adore those blocks, and they do seem to help his cognition. Double happiness.

I started my day with 90s music, good comedy, and Phil Hartman to stop my tears.
I'm ending my night with bagpipes echoing around me, a huge smile on the face of the man I love, and a feeling of love and friendship in my heart.

Hope comes in many different forms to me.
I'm starting to feel some again.


  1. While Wash is suffering from the absolutely-a.w.f.u.l. horribleness of brain cancer............ (with you, Tashi, so, *so* devoted and incredibly brave, by his side)............ and in the aftermath of the almost-indescribable horror/evil of the July 20th, Aurora, CO, massacre, this (Below) is a quotation that has helped me through some really, really hard times in my career and in my personal life; so I simply thought I'd share it with you (and your Dear Readers)............ i.e., to perhaps provide some comfort; and also maybe some hope (in yet another form), too:

    "Into the world of fears and hatreds we need to pour a double portion of the spirit of confidence in the power of love. 'Not peace at any price, but love at all costs.' All our problems today resolve themselves into the problems of learning to live together."

    ---Canon Peter Green

    Your wonderful account----(here in this post)----of you & Wash, and a college friend of yours, going to see "Brave" last night was so touching, joyful, happy, memorable, and just flat-out-*n.e.a.t.*!! I hope, too, that you can start meeting weekly with her, (your college friend), to chat and catch up. As you know, Tashi, love, *friendship*, and hope are, and always have been, three welcome............ Beacons In The Night.

  2. So pleased to hear that you both had a good time. My son & I loved Brave, I was expecting to be bored but instead I laughed my butt off. I loved Billy Connelly's slightly dim king. And the sons of the clan leaders had me in fits of laughter, especially the one with the, er, super-strong accent which render him illegible. And the triplets... when they went after the key, I thought I'd asphyxiate I was laughing so hard.

    I didn't think I'd ever enjoy a Pixar flick as much as the Toy Story's or Finding Nemo, but Brave is right up there with them. And I'm thrilled that it's given you and Wash a really good time.