Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stranger than fact

Insurance says- "You haven't been to a hospital for 4 months? RENEW!"
Tashi- "Ok, here's all my paperwork, exactly the same as it's been the last 31 months."
Insurance- "Can you do an in-person interview?"
Tashi- "No."
Insurance- "Can you appoint a proxy?"
Tashi- "YES! Here's the paperwork for it!"

[2 weeks later]
Insurance- "You missed your in-person interview, INSURANCE CANCELLED!"
Tashi- "But, I appointed a proxy, did you not contact them? Can I appeal?"
Insurance- *silence*
Tashi- "Ok, trying another phone number- no, disconnected too. Hmm, this is adding in MORE stress on me this week, I'll just have more asthma meds."
Insurance- *silence*
Tashi- "Ok, now you aren't answering ME or the Ombudsman team. Or Hospice. Not cool, DES."
DES- "Don't blame ALL of us! AHCCCS is a different section of DES, we don't have their direct contact numbers at all! I want to help you, but legally I cannot."
Tashi- *Wheezing*
Insurance- *silence*
Tashi- "If this keeps up, I'm going to end up in the ER because I can't breathe and have a severe asthma flare up/attack."
Insurance- "Well, in THAT case, you'd be approved again."

Gods, I wish this were fiction.


  1. Further proof that the government is staffed by robots.

    Good grief!