Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Wash had a bad night on Mon.

He almost fell in the kitchen. He said his legs were weak and numb.
Almost 2 hour after that he had odd sensations and pain in his neck.

Hospice sent a nurse over at midnight for him. Very nice guy, B. who checked Wash out.
He gave him some liquid meds and about 30 mins later Wash was moving his legs comfortably.

He is increasing his Ativan and steroids- in case this is from brain pressure from a tumor(s).
Outside that, Wash will have a walker delivered tomorrow for use around home/walking. His balance is just not as safe as he used to be.
If I have the time or energy, I want to mod it like an Imperial Walker for him. A small geek token to the nerd I love.

It could also just be stress; Wash thinks it is. There is a lot of tension and drama going on right now- I won't go into detail at this specific time because Wash has asked it of me, so I will respect his wish as long as he wants or is alive.
Suffice it to say, there are some external stress factors not directly related to his cancer which *I* cannot really remove /make easier for him. I do my best to distract him, but he has to face this part alone.

He slept in until around 11am after finally going to sleep around 2-3am. Thankfully, I managed to fall asleep shortly after him.
He also napped from 3-nearly7pm today. His body has had a lot of strength taken away, and even emotionally draining issues have physical side effects for him.

My mother was kind enough to bring over taco mixings for us tonight, so we could still have Taco Tuesday, even though Wash is not up for leaving the house.

I appreciate every bit of support from my friends and family right now.
Every day is hard.
I feel like this is the start of the last tunnel, the last long stretch.

My job now is just to give him something to smile and live for each day.


  1. Long time reader here. Sending you vibes of peace and good mojo.

  2. Although I can't, I sure wish I could fly to Tempe to help you & Wash by being that friend who............ (in these special, difficult circumstances, Tashi)............ simply helps you both to get "settled in" for the night; then~~(because I'm a Night Nurse from way-back!!)~~also be that friend who then quietly reads over in your Living Area; and unobtrusively "keeps watch" while you're both sleeping............ i.e., just to be there and available TO help, if needed, you know.

    Prayers and {{{*hugs*}}} to you & Wash both -