Monday, June 11, 2012

Sharing the Happy Moments

So much of the last few days has been filled with stress, unhappiness, and sadness.

That got to change today.


  1. You guys don't know me, I'm a fat jealous loser here from Regretsy, but I wanted to let you know this made my day. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I think of both of you often and I'm glad yesterday was at least a little bit brighter for you.

  2. Fantastic! I saw that face.. LOVE IT!! That is so awesome of Wash...and FOR Wash! and.. *sniff sniff* I'm all heart-warmed over here.

  3. Fantastical! Moments like this is what life and true happiness is all about! Love you two! If ever there were a couple made for each other, its you two! -Peace

  4. That is so sweet. I loved your giggle when Wash was starting to open the package. And then when he laughed a little later on, I laughed out loud myself.

    So, so, SO pleased to hear you both being happy. That's made my day! :D

  5. Oh, my. **O.H.H.H.H., M.Y.Y.Y.Y.**!! I think this beautiful video might just *possibly* have something to do with this Emily Dickinson quotation, Tashi:

    "That Love
    ............ is ALL there is,
    Is all
    ............ we KNOW of Love."

    *Awestruck* {{{*Hugs*}}} to you & Wash both............ i.e., about Wash's present.... from Wash! (Alan Tudyk)!!

  6. I love this- made me cry.Thanks for sharing so much with your readers-it is just beautiful.

  7. Ya know, I am such a giant airhead turd-ball. It finally dawned on me who Alan Tudyk is! I adore him, he's hilarious! I'm not a big Sci-Fi person but know him from the other stuff...28 Days (hilarious), Dodgeball (ditto), etc.