Sunday, June 24, 2012

Make your own Fate


Holy crap, my eyes, my brain, my memories of my relatives singing Scots Gallic to me...!

Now, in the theatre, we bought tickets to a show so we could get there early, and I was even the first in line to go into the theatre. We get the BEST seats (very back row, directly under the projector) and the kiddos and parents start coming in. No problem at ALL, until the previews start and a couple who came in 10 mins after the showtime decided to sit RIGHTNEXTTOME.
"Are these seats saved?"
"Yes, for the people who came on time." Says I.
"No, really, are you saving these seats?"
"That one at the far end of the row is free."
"But, we want to sit here, and there's two seats."
Tashi says LOUDLY [during the previews!] "Fine, you two late comers who disturbed this whole row of people instead of sitting in the empty seats at the bottom of the theatre can sit here. Maybe next time if you arrive ON TIME you won't have a seating issue."

Yes, I told them off. No one in the theatre came to their aid.
Also, out of 3-400 seats, at least half filled with children, there was ONE, one kid- a little girl maybe 4-5 who was chatting at the movie the entire time. Every thing- "Oh mommy, look, treats! Mommy, the Queen! Mommy, she forgot!" etc. The WHOLE movie. Several other parents asked them to quiet, they did not. In fact, the mother was ENGAGING her child, "She did forget, good job!". 300 kids all behaving, but that ONE.

So, I remember why I hate seeing movies, but I also finally saw "The Hobbit" preview, so I know I'll be going to the midnight premiere of that.
[I got two free passes, but they won't work for "Brave"- no new releases.]

Also, I'm pretty sure I was the only person in that audience who could understand Gallic and the brogue one of the Clansmen had.

Wash did not attend the movie- he could not be mature enough today to handle it. I'll try to take him on a weekday, hopefully when there are less kids and other audience/distractions around. He ended up playing with P. the Hospice volunteer, and they played with Wash's LEGOS and KREOS and apparently built Starscream this afternoon. So, he'll see it soon, but I was glad for the chance to watch and really enjoy the movie myself, without having to watch Wash watch the movie and deal with him on top.

He's a lot calmer after getting some time away from me as well; this morning he was really angry with himself, which he took out on me. It was needed for both of us to get that break.

A long day, but a good one. I even ran into some old friends who've moved away, but are back visiting. Hopefully we'll have a chance to have them meet up with Wash again before they leave.

-I plan on playing with my Merida doll tonight.

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  1. Good for you, telling those a-holes off! Wish you could've told off that annoying kid and her mom too. Oh well, glad to hear you enjoyed the movie and had some time to yourself!