Thursday, June 7, 2012

Faster than any known substance

Managed to get out for a walk last night, yay!

I don't have time yet, haven't had time to write about what is really bothering me lately, the newest drama to go on.
When someone's dying, I've found there will always be drama to be created; for some reason even the most sensible people don't want to TALK about issues, address things like adults- even when some members of the discussion have 40 years on the next person. Maturity I have found has no real relation at all to actual age.

My asthma has been bothering me again- could be the air, or the outside daily garden work I'm doing, could be just stress... usually the summer is the best season for my asthma, it responds quite well most years to the dry heat. I've been having to nebulize daily lately, I can see my ankles getting more swollen too.

Wash is also getting quite steroid bloated. He looks like he's gaining weight, but it's so weird, because he's not- it's just fluid!

We've been having a lot of Hospice and ALTCS meetings this week. More evaluations. Trying to figure out where Wash is at, how much more help he needs, how much more help *I* need etc.
It's about Wash, which is how it SHOULD be.

Physically he's feeling better than last week, he's been home three nights now and we've even gone on one night-walk around the block. This is pretty good for him. I try to get him moving every other day- once he loses his muscle he is past the point of being able to re-grow it. He's just too weak now.

We do have a bit of joy coming though, a good friend and Shitass S. is coming to SunValley here with some friends on a road trip and will visit with us some! Wash and I are both quite excited.

I have an appointment next week to get my eyes properly checked; hurrah! I miss being able to see.

I will dwell on emotions and drama later. For now, coffee calls.

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  1. Glad he's feeling better this week. Too bad there is swelling, for you and him. I need more coffee.