Monday, April 30, 2012

Where's Mousey?

You don't scare me.

I woke up yesterday at 9am. I worked, really worked, the whole day.
I watched my husband forget when he was, where he was, and parts of who he was.

I regularly stay awake for 20 hour shifts out of a 24 hour day.

I am watching my 27 year old husband die, and die from a disease that takes away who he is, what he loves, and his memories before it begins to take away his physical being. Which it has started.

So, you, Mr Debt Collector?
When you call at 8:23am, after I've been asleep for perhaps 3 hours?
No, I'm not compassionate this morning. I'm not kind. Cancer is not kind.

I'm going to honestly tell you, you will get nothing.
We have no money. We have no income.
Wash will never ever be able to work again in his life to pay off his medical debt.

We owe the State, the Hospital, and the Federal Government well over $1,000,000.00 already for his care. Really, we hit $750,000.00 before he was even discharged from the hospital. It might be close to 2 million dollars now from his years of care and treatment.

I'm 25. My credit is already trashed. I did not graduate before my husband became terminally ill.
I got to see that $1 million dollars of care cannot put a broken person back to "whole".

I saw a 8cm tumor take over my husband.

Mr Debt Collector? You don't scare me one little bit.

I can pay you in tears or perhaps blood.

But money? What's money to Cancer?

You are far, far, far less scary to look in the face than a diagnosis of Glioblastoma Multiforme.


  1. A) IF this "Debt Collector" is from either the State, the Hospital, and/or the Federal Government; and was harassing you at 8:23 *a.m.* (!!), Tashi, about Wash's (legitimately medical, of course!!) inability to, as you said............ "pay off his MEDICAL debt"............ it seems like you might just need to talk WITH Wash's Social Worker Dave* to ask him to............ INTERCEDE *again* on your/Wash's behalf............ and to make some calls............ (e.g., "PLEASE TELL ~ ANY ~ DEBT ~ COLLECTORS ~ TO CEASE AND DESIST THEIR *H.A.R.A.S.S.I.N.G.* PHONE CALLS AND/OR ACTIVITIES DIRECTED AGAINST THE PRATT-KINGS!!")............ TO............ #1) The AHCCCS** Oversight Department, since they've already been been made AWARE of your issue/situation, (i.e., see your 2/8/12 blogpost), and thus would be FAMILIAR with your/Wash's dire financial situation............ and ALSO #2) The Constituent Services Department of the Arizona Legislature again, (i.e., as in your blogpost of 2/8/12; and whom Dave has already contacted about Wash's case).

    B) My reasoning behind this thought, (Above), is because on Thursday, March 22nd, you had additionally stated this:
    "So, my paperwork says that as of April 2012 Wash will be on ALTCS*** totally and in full effect, and at that point - (the social worker explained this from my paperwork) - we will STOP having to pay the additional $125.15 and $98.00 Medicare/Medicaid premiums a month. Which I've been having to do out of pocket for about a year or so now. It will be really nice when I can stop being "past due" on all my bills."

    C) To me, I guess it's just pretty-darn-evident that since Wash *I.*S.*, of course, financially ELIGIBLE *for*; and has (documentably!!) been APPROVED for coverage *by*............ #1) Medicare............ and #2) Medicaid............ and #3) AHCCCS............ and #4) ALTCS............ and #5) SNAP, (i.e., food vouchers through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)............ then ~ Why ~ The ~ HELL ~ would *A.N.Y.O.N.E.* even TRY............ to collect money from a financially-destitute, DYING person??!!

    I honestly don't mean to be harsh to you, or to your Dear Readers, Tashi----(and I'm simply venting here, as you know!!)----but if "HealthCare In America, 2012" means that when you're dying of a BRAIN TUMOR, at the young age of 27; and your poor, devoted, caregiving wife has WORKED/SCRAPED to obtain funds for her dying husband and herself, (i.e., on which to just to minimally *survive*!!)............ (FROM ~ #5 ~ STATE/FEDERAL ~ GOVERNMENTAL ~ AGENCIES!!)............ well, it doesn't really take a "rocket scientist" to THEN figure out that............ any attempts to COLLECT on the dying person's VAST Medical Debts would be............ not only OBVIOUSLY *f.u.t.i.l.e.*............ but also ASTONISHINGLY and SHAMEFULLY *c.r.u.e.l.*, too!!

    *Dave is not his real name.
    **AHCCCS: Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, (which is Wash & Tashi's PRIMARY HEALTH Insurance Coverage).
    ***ALTCS: Arizona Long Term Care System, (which provides HOSPICE Care for Wash, and RESPITE Care and cleaning for Tashi).

  2. How fucking dare they! Have they no conscience? How can someone like that sleep at night?

    As an Australian, with free health care available for those in need, I am utterly horrified and disgusted at the US health system... or should I say, excuse for a health system.

    Meanwhile, Octomum can declare bankruptcy to get out of paying the debts that having 14 children - by choice! - will obviously arise when you don't have a job. Good grief.

    Next time the debt collector rings, tell him to go fuck himself and the horse he rode in on. And then give us his contact details. It would be my pleasure to email him once a day, every day, and tell him what a scumsucking bastard he is.

  3. You might consider contacting a non-profit consumer credit counseling agency. They can intercede on your behalf and negotiate with the debt collectors to make them stop. One thing I tell folks to remember is that if a corporation experienced a disaster which wiped out a factory so the company could not make its product, the corporation would declare bankruptcy, restructure and write-off debt, and be going aqain in a year. What is smart for corporations should be an acceptable solutions for people who experience the same.

  4. Well said Tashi and I just wish there was some way I could help.

    Hold on to that fire in your belly, Wash needs a strong person near him and he is so lucky to have you and remember, when looking forward is scary, and looking back hurts then just look to your side, because all your friends are here to support you both xxx

    Love always,
    Mark x

  5. I just got mighty angry. Very mighty angry. So you owe a million bucks for trying to save or improve a live? How the.. is this even possible? Beats me how there can be a price tag on medical care, like you overspent on flat screen television sets and leather couches, let alone that Ferrari and the designer clothes.
    If that dude rings again, and please, please forgive my frankness, tell him you are too busy spending quality time with a husband slowly whithering right under your hands and ask him to hang on while you watch the love of your life fade away. Put a price tag on life, will you? Makes me sick.
    Wichever companies are on your backs, threaten to make their names public. Name and shame. The media are a mighty force to be reckoned with. Otherwise, as Malibu Stacey put it- fuck 'em. My Momma always says you can't pickpocket a naked dude. What a disgrace.

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