Monday, April 9, 2012

Wash's Words pt 2

Wash had this to say about today;
"After taking aside a few seconds to wish my wife a happy Pi (3:14, we're geeks) I noted it's our anniversary, too, glad to be there to wish her so.

It takes only a couple seconds, and with all this global text world chat everywhere, would it kill you to send this small greeting to your loved one on your anniversary, as often as you can remember. Challenge yourself to text it at just the right minute, so it shows up in the inbox as that recorded time. AM or PM, find the convenient one and fire away.

One additional advantage: You'll remember your anniversary!
I have done this with my wife since we married, every day one of us remembers and reminds the other. We are both loved."


  1. YOUR "Words pt 2" (Above) are really............ too meltingly *b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.*, Wash............ for MY words to (adequately or even remotely) describe............ (but this is SUCH a Great Idea, though)!!

  2. Hi Wash...
    I remember you said you liked the names of my rats, Edison and Tesla. Well now Darwin and Galileo have joined them!
    Four rats is really a headache, but I wouldn't give any of them up.

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