Monday, April 23, 2012


Tried to go out for a walk with Wash.
Ended up asking him again today to not be so nasty about people he doesn't know (he made a real nasty personal remark about Gordon Ramsay.) and he flipped the fuck out.
Tried to sit down on the railroad tracks outside our home. Said he might as well just get it over with and kill himself.

Hospice and Crisis Response are talking to him over the phone, and they might come by, even though it's 10pm.

Fuck you, brain cancer. I'm too tired to deal with this shit.


  1. Totally fuck the brain cancer! I'm on board! So sorry for this sad episode. Sending you peace and positive thoughts, and always amazed by you.

  2. That fucking braining cancer is a Big Asshole. I'm sorry it's so rough for you both right now. I'm hoping you both get a little break, and soon.