Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sheet pans

Wash had a mostly great day yesterday. He was in a good mood, amicable to help out, able to communicate fully, and not super depressed. Good times, for us!

But, after his evening nap again, he kinda just... much more sensitive. I reminded him to call his parents on Skype and that went mostly well. Wash is still trying to learn how to assert himself when his parents bring up something he doesn't want to/can't talk about. It's hard for him, but mentally is it necessary; he just cannot mentally take talking about certain things.

My knee hurts. We had a pressure change and weather system blow in last night. My poor cats, though! I know Aelphie was kicked by me once last night, then she stayed off the bed, and Leto got it at least three times, and just came right back and laid right down on top of my legs again. My knee spasmed so much in the night. I'm glad the DireCat seemed to know I wasn't doing it on purpose.

Wash's meds were adjusted again after his bad night on Monday, and we should know if the side effects are worse for him on a lower dose (because he's just sleeping) or if the rage from the higher steroids is "worth" it as a side effect for the extra few hours he has in the afternoon without fatigue. His Hospice Nurse is checking on him again Fri.
We have the Chaplain coming over today though. We both adore her. She is GREAT at listening, and even better at gently giving good advice. I enjoy her company.

Going to try and have a good day. Focus on the good things. Smell the wetness from rain in the desert.

Another thanks to everyone for sending us love. Positive thoughts never hurt.


  1. Since your last post, Tashi, our computer, (i.e., the entire Verizon system in this area), has been down; so, just now, (after system repair, finally!), when I saw Wash's TARDIS *custom* urn............ well, I'm almost speechless!!

    The urn from (Etsy's dear, talented, and very humble Rebekka at) "Jadeflower Ceramics" in Seattle, Washington, is so realistic, absolutely beautiful, VERY well-made, and............ oh-so-meaningful, I'm sure, to you and Wash both!! (And I just had to look at even more *amazing* pictures of Wash's urn on Rebekka's blog, too!!):

    Your and Wash's *lovely*, heartfelt Thank-You Video together is something which Jack and I will always remember and treasure, you know.

    I think that having the type of genuinely empathetic and truly wise Chaplain whom you and Wash have, Tashi, is REALLY-no-kiddin', another one of those things that's............ *p.r.i.c.e.l.e.s.s.*, for sure. I can see how you'd enjoy her company, because I'd certainly look FORWARD TO her comforting visits, too.

    'Hope Wash's day, today, is as (it was for most of) yesterday; and that your knee is a little less painful now, as the day has gone on............

  2. So glad that you had a relatively good day. That Tardis is the cutest thing I've seen today! (Well, except for our baby rats grooming each other, that was just too damned cute for words.)

    Sending love and good vibes from the other side of the planet.