Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Shot

So, after last Saturday and my much needed escape, I'm pretty sure that's when I became sick. By Monday I was feeling something off in my throat and Tuesday I was full on plaguesick.
This week kinda went by in a drug-haze. I think I slept most of Wed and Thursday.

Something nice to come of this though, is the help and services offered by ALTCS. Since Wash was finally put on it in April, and had a case manager and home-health services provider assigned things have been a bit nicer. I spoke to the Hospice SW on Tues and said I was not that well and he suggested getting some help in for the week. I agreed. Wed I spoke to the ALTCS manager who within hours had someone there for Wed evening and a full 6 hour shift set up for this past Thurs and Friday.
It was a gods-send. We had the same lady on Thur and Fri and she played with Wash, helped him with his stuff, made lunch and cleaned up too! Basically all the things I do, while watching him and helping with pills too. I slept quite soundly knowing someone else was able to watch him.
I still am clearing out the last of my illness; I'm hoping I do not have an ear infection now from this cold. But, I can breathe for the most part, I'm no longer going through a box of tissues per day, and I'm able to get some of this crap out of my head. So, better.
I'm thinking though, very seriously about calling up the case manager tomorrow though and asking for some part-time help; twice a week for a few hours is still more respite time than I'm currently getting and I'm finding that having a little "alone" time is very good not just physically, but mentally for me too. I'm reading a little more, I can find a little more enjoyment in things.

I'll have some good things to post tomorrow, but just for a day Wash wants to enjoy something quite wonderful that was done on his behalf.

I am thankful for the friends and support we have.


  1. I'm so glad they were able to have someone come over - and possibly more in the future! My non-scientific opinion is that you got sick after a day off because you had been holding it back by sheer will and the sickness attacked when your defenses were lowered. I hope you feel 100% better soon!

  2. I'm so glad that you're feeling a little bit better now, particularly with your (asthma-related) breathing issues: Jack and I were really, *really* worried!!

    Your idea to call up Wash's ALTCS Case Manager tomorrow, to ask her if she could approve some *R.E.G.U.L.A.R.* Part-Time Respite Care for you............ (i.e., from Wash's Home-Health Services Agency, for at least twice a week, or more)............ is just an excellent idea, because you legitimately/objectively ~ R.E.A.L.L.Y. ~ D.O. ~ N.E.E.D. ~ I.T. ~ , Tashi, *W.H.I.L.E.* you're essentially takin' care of Wash all by yourself!!

    Additionally, now that your new ALTCS Case Manager is, as you've said on 3/22/12, a very respectable woman............ who also, (*t.h.a.n.k.f.u.l.l.y.*!!), seems to be very RESPONSIVE to your & Wash's genuine needs............ maybe, if you first *ask* HER, the Home-Health Services Agency then might, subsequently, be able to arrange FOR the *same*, very-helpful/solicitous lady............ (whom you & Wash had in your home this past Thursday and Friday)............ to be your REGULAR Home-Health Services Aide, i.e., IF it fits into her Agency Work Schedule, that is.

    (And, to be frank, it's always such an *honor*, and a blessing, when any healthcare worker's patients/clients SPECIFICALLY ask for her/him to provide care for them AGAIN; so that would also be something to simply consider now, too).

    G.E.T. ~ W.E.L.L. ~ S.O.O.N. ~ thoughts and prayers (from me and Jack) continue to gently *stream* your way, Tashi!!