Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Free Brick!

Fever day 2.

my voice is mostly gone. not feeling my best.
i called in for help, and thurs and friday a home healthcare worker will be coming over 12-6pm to help watch Wash so I can sleep and rest up.

not strep, but Ii feel awful.

i have had lots of tea made with mint from my garden.

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  1. It's so reassuring to me, Tashi, i.e., that you'll have some help from the Home Healthcare aide on Thursday & Friday afternoon.

    For "the whole" of you............ deep, (Immune-System-boosting) REM sleep is just *so* beneficial; and for your poor throat............ the warmth of hot tea, (i.e., brewed with your lovely homegrown garden mint), is *so* soothing/healing, too.

    G.E.T. ~ W.E.L.L. ~ S.O.O.N. ~ thoughts and prayers (from me and Jack) are gently *streaming* your way, right this very minute!!