Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cook the House Down

Had some friends over this morning for a small Easter brunch. It's a different type of family.
I made blueberry Belgian waffles and J. brought over fresh strawberries and grapes to go on top. Wash also picked up a Chipotle Blueberry sauce to try with them, it was smokey and quite tasty.
This morning was pretty shitty, but the afternoon has turned around a bit, and it is better.


  1. Despite those Absolutely Awful (Immediate Family) "Troubles"............ which are so deeply/legitimately upsetting; and additionally just so unavoidably-wearing, unavoidably-tiring, and unavoidably-exhausting, too, *F.O.R.* poor you & Wash, (i.e., sadly, I've also "been there" WAY-too-many times MYSELF, you know!!)............ you hosted the Seder dinner for your Family, along with preparing such a *lovely* 5-course vegetarian meal, this past Friday night; THEN you made (so *yummy*-looking!!) Blueberry Belgian Waffles for Easter Sunday Brunch for your friends??!!

    Well, all I can say, Tashi, is that I think you~~~(in TRUE Browncoat fashion!!)~~~probably CONQUERED a helluva *l.o.t.* of things this weekend, i.e., both in and OUT of your Kitchen!!

    Wishing you both warmth and comfort; and sending you meditative prayers and (((*hugs*))), Tashi & Wash, this Passover Week of April 6th - 14th............ and also Happy Easter, too!!

  2. Hi - I just discovered your blog today, I got to your story from someone who posted a Regretsy post on Facebook, which got me to the Regretsy Tardis urn, and from there I followed the links. I wish I could make a big cash donation, but as it is I cannot even make a small one :-(. I was thinking of another way I could offer help and be able to follow up on any promises I end up making - as I am generally very unreliable, and very disorganized, I need to be very careful about what I offer. When I read through some of your earlier blog posts I figured you guys have cats. So, since I am a heavy duty cat person, I thought that I could offer to help if at any stage you need help with your cats - I could come and clean litter, feed and water them, and if you run low on money for groceries, I could bring them food and litter. If you need to be away from home for an extended period of time, I am happy to check on them, and play with them if they need that. I am quite knowledgeable about feline health issues, if you need any advice. Please contact me on Facebook (Gerda Lobo) if/when you want me to help with the cats. I will be out of commission for about a week, starting Tuesday, as I will be recovering from surgery. I will also be out of town towards the end of April, and again in May and June, but anytime I am in town (and not having surgery :-) ) I could help. I live in Tempe close to ASU campus.

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