Monday, August 1, 2011

Alphabetically it's "Levi-Shoemaker"

So Wash did manage to get into his MRI and appointment today. I woke up as asscrack early and was on the phones.

Turns out that even though our paperwork says "effective as of July 1, 2011" what that MEANS is that they won't pay/authorize anything until August 1, 2011.

So, thankfully today is the start of the new month. Billing can now charge for his work so we had no issue once it was established his coverage had changed.
We are also having insurance issues with his refills over at Walgreens, but our local store knows him well and often goes above and beyond for the sake of his health. Hopefully his meds will be ready tomorrow.

Now, I'm sure your all wondering how the MRI went...?
No new tumors!

Now, the scan did show something though... apparently Wash has a cyst (6mm x 7mm) right behind his right eyeball- it's like a small grape right behind his optic nerve! It's kind of cool to me and thankfully since they checked, it has been there since at least late 09 and has not grown bigger. He's going to see an ENT specialist just to be sure, but since it is not causing him problems it will probably just be watched and hopefully no surgery needed.

What's this mean? Essentially, the same thing for Wash. Probably will live another 2 months at this point, hopefully more. Always hope for more.
For now he is 'stable' still and according to his oncologist looks "great!" "You were at death's door when I met you, you looked sick, and now if you wear a hat few people would be able to tell you have had brain damage/surgery." I can tell- but I knew him before. I think if someone spent 15 mins with him, or when he was tired it would be much easier to tell, but I have to agree. He works hard to seem "normal"- though, personally, I think this might not be that helpful overall to his mental health- he keeps trying and pretending to be "normal"- his old pre cancerous kind- and it just feeds into his denial of death. He is finally starting to accept that he may/will die early of something if not the cancer, and honestly when I see him feel he has to pretend for others- it hurts.
I guess it hurts me that I've accepted what he yet cannot.

We've got some grief therapy this week I'm sure we will be talking about it.

We've been out of the house driving/doctors/errands for 6 hours of the last 10. We are both pooped.
And Leto wants to play Fetch. It's become his new favourite pastime. 3pm.. 6pm... 5am... it's all good and playtime! Worst thing is his adorable and pathetic little whine he does to make me throw it, if putting the toy in my lap and placing his paw on my leg while "Meooooooooooow?" doesn't work.

Hope to make it to the library tomorrow before some more doctor visits.

At least the cats are cute and the fish are relaxing.


  1. *No* new tumors for Wash is ............ a genuine relief, with which to start off the month of August!

  2. Funny, my cat was playing fetch with me as I read this. He is likewise obsessed and wants to play fetch while I am in bed, in the bath, etc.