Friday, July 29, 2011


We did lunch today with Wash's parents and his mum took us to the local aquarium for his birthday present! It was quite a lot of fun. I'll post pics and a video later.

I did end up cleaning my closet yesterday. At least the clothes section of it. Cleaned all my new clothes and ended up filling 5 bags of my old or unworn clothes to go donate. Took me more like 90 mins than 20 to do, but I feel great about it and it's clean and organized.

Wash also got a new phone (still a 'dumb phone') that he can actually make calls on and has a battery life- and while his old one was off for a mere hour I ended up getting a call from a very upset gal at the billing office at Wash's neuro-oncologist.
Wash's insurance is refusing to pay for his next MRI again.
And again, we are informed of this literally the business day before. Got called at 3pm on Fri and his appointment was going to be first thing Mon morning for his MRI and office visit.
I talked to the billing department on like, Tues of this week to confirm his MRI WAS paid for; and I was assured it was. See, after they pulled this last time, I was trying to head things off.
Today, at 3pm (and of course no one returned my messages by the time I got home at 4) they told me that the insurance is saying a different level of coverage is needed and he qualifies for a different insurance to cover it, so his actual insurance AHCCCS isn't paying.

My parents and Wash's parents are coming over to our place for dinner tonight. I'm excited. We don't get to host often, so for me it's special. Doing it up Shabbos way, making some good matzoh ball soup and salad and hot bread... yum.

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