Friday, August 5, 2011

Bad preparation

So Wash turns 27 tomorrow.

I have not had time or a spare cent this week to get him a card.
We did the birthday stuff last week.
I'm driving his butt up to our friends' place this weekend so he can relax, swim, and celebrate.

I still feel guilty.

He really just wants good time and memories with me, but I feel like shit for not giving him something big and memorable since there is that giant odd he might not get one next year.

Life brings complications. I'm hoping a day and a half away from that and the city will help. And there's a sweet older 'puppy' at the house too.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Wash,

    #1) *Happy* *27th* *Birthday*!!

    No matter what lies ahead, Jack and I will be *savoring*, (with you & Tashi)............ the joy of your being able to celebrate another Birthday!!

    Despite our great geographic distance away, here in Pennsylvania, we are so fortunate....(thanks to Nurse Jo!!) have had our lives "cross," so to speak, as they have.

    You and Tashi are just good, good people; and we sincerely BLESS THE DAY............ that you were born, Wash!!

    #2) We hope that you & Tashi have a very nice time this weekend, i.e., out of the city, up at your friends' place............ just relaxing, swimming, and celebrating!!