Wednesday, August 24, 2011

-And they all are snoring too

I have been rather consumed with myself lately and not in a mood to write. I'm sorry to myself and to you, loyal readers and friends.

I've been having a bit of a harder time lately letting go of my stresses, but I have had less of them overall. Wash has been doing his best to be helpful when he can and not too much of a butt other times. His memory is spotty lately as well, both his short term and longer. We did get a CT scan for his ENT so we should know in about a month what's going on, less if something really bothers him.

It's emergency week here though, full of issues. Small fight with insurance to cover asthma meds, but we have a really really kickass pharmacy team who do a lot for us. Got my meds the same day even! Last night the car, our valiant Betty overheated for some reason. At night. Going 2 blocks (hush, Wash couldn't walk that far) it reached 250F by the time I got back to our spot. Of course I spent all night worrying about the radiator we just paid $1400 to fix, and what it might be. When I woke this morning I was at least comforted by the fact that we are 7 weeks into the 90 day warranty on the parts, called the shop, AAA to tow, and my parents (since they live nearby and told me to call next time the car had an issue). Spoke to a bunch of nice people who did their best to reassure me and then waited.
A few hours later, I find that one of two hoses melted/broke off the heater/element and needs to be replaced. Only - but- $200.00
Hey, at least the car still runs.

Lastly to add to my worry and people to call... need to take my sweet little fur girl Aelphie in to see a vet. Noticed yesterday she's asymptomatic but in the last week or so has developed a small cyst/lump on her tail. Doesn't seem to hurt her at all, she has full range of motion on her tail and is eating/sleeping/pooping/playing as normal. I'm going to get it checked out, but of course I worry about her. I want it to be something not serious, and hopefully less expensive, but because of Wash my first worry and fear now is always the worst.
I have learned to have to condition myself to bad medical news, on the -what?- chance it will happen.
I hate cancer for taking away that base optimism I once think I had. I don't think I was always this scared.

Taco Tuesday was moved this week, so thankfully the car should be ready today and waiting with tacos for us this evening at my parents. Normally this shop does same day work, but there's always a chance .... who knows.

In less worry some news the baby fry are now all just about an inch in size and ready to be re-homed. I'm going to see if a friend wants a couple and maybe another before I offer them up to the local fish store or something. There are 2 pink, 2 red, 3 orange, and one yellow/orange mix. Pretty mix. It was quite something to raise them up from eggs/fry all the way to "real" fish. So cool! I've really gotten into the aquarist hobby; picking and raising fish, designing tanks, feeding, even cleaning the tanks can be fun for me. All else fails I could spend the rest of my life working cleaning tanks and fish poo and probably be happy.

I've also noted that both kitties are currently napping in the bedroom with Wash. There's still room in there for me, so I'm going to take a breath and a nap.
Somehow, things will work out.

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  1. Baby fish are such a thrill! We have a backyard pond with lots of goldfish, a couple of years ago the fish laid eggs all over our water hyacinth roots!

    We moved them to a tank, and they hatched. Unfortunately, my husband didn't like the cloudy water and did a water change on the baby tank, and all the fish died. pH shock. Turns out our water company is very unreliable in that department, and my DH didn't think to test the water because he ALWAYS just changes the water on other tanks.

    I was so angry and sad, was looking forward to watching the little ones grow.

    Glad you got to enjoy the event!