Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Champions of Queen

We both had our doctor appointments today. Thanks to some good friends we had the cash come in so I could afford the co-pays and gas and paid my electricity bill- yay cool air and hot water!

I'm not really ready to go into my own medical issues, but I got the best news I could have from the doctor for my situation, and she took the extra time to go over a few long term worries I had and reassure me and filled me in on different contingencies.
It is a MASSIVE relief.
Short story for now, I am not facing surgery anymore, or more pills.

I am attempting later to see if I can do a screen grab of Wash's latest MRI so you readers can see not only his healing brain and the hole from the tumor site, but also his cute little cyst. I say that because compared size wise and danger wise this cyst is NOTHING to a glioblastoma tumor.

We had a great Taco Tuesday night, and I'm hoping the good mood/less stress carries on through the week. We did a Skype call after eating with my eldest brother (he lives/works in Japan) and we were looking forward to it greatly as they finally got our huge "Cars 2" present/box o' goodies this week.
So my lovely not quite 3 year old nephew got a big box to play with, and some noisy cars/trucks, a couple story books, Cars band-aids, and a train engine bank from my mum. My nephew on seeing the bank showed it to the camera and said with perfect pronunciation "Thomas! Train!"
Guess we know what else he likes! He seemed very happy and the cute shirt we bought him is just on the side of too big so he can grow into it. Seeing and hearing him sing and play and laugh at his Otosan and Otasan was infectious. He's a great kid and I really cannot wait until he is old enough to travel over here.

Laundry tonight and a mostly clear day tomorrow- probably light house work and maybe a trip t the aquarium if Wash is feeling up to it. He was given 2 one year long membership passes for his birthday so I really want to make the most of it. We're really hoping to go once a week, it's such a short drive.

We went away for a day this weekend- up with our friend Sr and a few others. Wash and I enjoyed the fun of getting away for just a bit- but since it was only one day we did not get a cat/fish sitter. Mistake. While we were gone the fish (who were not fed- one day!) attacked the smallest Otocinclus (Adrien) and ate him. When we got home there was only Ambrose and he's been hiding/sad since. So we went and got another Oto for the tank, so Adrien 2 is joining the tank to keep Ambrose company. My mother thankfully made me feel better by laughing at the appropriate names of the cleaning/sucker fish and did not dwell on the fish death. I also got some good hugs from my (step) dad so that goes a long way for me.

To answer my readers, yes Wash and I do get into "spats" sometimes, and yes, I call him on his shit. We have some divided chores- I end up doing it if Wash "forgets", sometimes he genuinely does, and sometimes he is just a lazy-ass boy. I can usually tell which is which so I call him when he is just being lazy or wants to play with his Warhammer stuff more.
Sure he is dying. He's terminal. But he chose to live with me, to live as my husband which comes with some (flexible) expectations. I know he cannot do everything he used to, but he is still capable of things and I encourage him to keep those up. So when he gets lazy and "will get to it" for about 5 days, yea, I call him on his dirty shit. He's allowed and does call me on mine too though, so for us it works. Just because he is dying does not excuse him from being a husband or a person with responsibilities. At least, not until he tells me he is ready to give it all up and go to Hospice care.

So, dear Readers, I will leave you tonight with cute pictures of Wash, me, our kitties, and my nephew & bro.

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  1. What a cute, (just *A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E*), little munchkin of a nephew!! ............ what a happy and loving picture the #9th picture (Above) is, i.e., of you & Wash with Leto *squished*-in-between; and with Wash's Paper Cranes of Hope in the left background!! ............ and, maybe MOST joyfully right now, the news that you're not facing any more surgery, Tashi, or any more pills!!

    It seems that happy, memorable days are almost like little "gems" in our lives. Don't you *wish* that you could just simply "freeze-frame" those gem-like days----(i.e., like this past Tuesday was for you & Wash)----in your mind forever??!!

    I think your Blog is maybe ............ the next-best-thing to that, you know!!