Wednesday, May 16, 2012

His Highness

My cat is my baby. And is hilarious; a 2 year old juvie Maine Coon.
Laughing my butt off right now; Leto is trying SO HARD to flip the light-switch in the hallway. He's tried jumping straight up, and leaning over from the fan to reach it; and falling off the fan every time. The most entertaining part is the switch is down, so even though he can reach the panel, he can't switch it to "up"!


  1. I love your Leto posts! You've won me over... I am determined that my next cat baby will be a Maine Coon! :)

  2. #1) Just the other day Jack and I were talking about Maine coon cats!! We don't have any pets of our own; however, we're surrogate parents to our neighbor's beautiful orange marmalade (ex-barn) cat "John," who relies on us for any attention/play/love that he receives in his life. I was wondering whether or not John The Cat might *possibly* be a Maine coon cat, but Jack said, "No, he's not *BIG* enough."

    So your sweet Leto is a juvenile Maine coon cat??!! Wayyyy *N.*E.*A.*T.*!!

    #2) It never ceases to amaze me, Tashi, how those supposedly closest to us (family-wise) often LOOK at us, but............ they don't really "SEE" us, and our genuine personalities and legitimate NEEDS.

    The true irony of it all is that we've often bent-over-backwards ourselves to help THEM; yet when the tables, (so to speak), are turned what's often forthcoming is essentially............ *nothing*.

    So, I sincerely hope that ALTCS can "up" their Respite Help hours for YOU, Tashi, because you just d.e.s.p.e.r.a.t.e.l.y. need it, simply because of THE HORRID MONSTER that poor Wash's cancer IS. I ~ really ~ hate cancer.