Saturday, May 26, 2012

pudding brain

This is my breaking point.
I have not gotten a night with more than 5 hours (at the max) of uninterrupted sleep. Since May- averaging 3-4 hours of sleep per 24 hour period.

I did not sleep 'til after 4am this morning.
Wash woke me at 7 something. At 9 something. Again at 11, I BEGGED him to go downstairs and watch a tv show for a half hour, less than 10 mins later, he's chasing the cats through the bedroom.

I am at the point where if no one local can help me watch him this weekend, I'm calling Hospice and he's going into a 24 hour care home for a few days. Hospice will let him stay for up to 5 days as "Respite" for me.

I need sleep. And rest. I feel like I'm literally coming apart.


  1. Insomnia even when not combined with much else can be awful. Whatever help you get, I hope it gives you the respite you need. People don't realise how tough it really is being a full time carer when they see you for short visits. You should have a dvd from amazon in the post to look forward to *after* some sleep. I'm thinking of you.

    Mx Lenny

  2. Can the hospice provide someone to care for him at home so you don't have to take him out of his own environment? If they can offer that, would it work for you?

  3. I think you may just have to do this, Tashi. 2-3 days with him at a facility would do you wonders. You don't want to get TOO wore down to where you end up getting sick. You so need a good rest. I hope you are able to take some time for YOU.♥

    I think if an in-home caregiver were to come in, don't think you would get quality rest. I think poor Wash would still end up pestering the hell out of you.

  4. You need to do this. From here on out, it will only get worse. Take a break.