Tuesday, January 3, 2012

LAN Parties

The wireless broke on the computer over a year ago and this weekend was just the "too much" point for Wash's (old/spare) 10+ year old LAN cable which we had McGuyver'd into working.

Less internet for us for a little while - at least until I can get down to a store hopefully this week.
It's a nice thing.

I've been spending a lot more time reading and in my garden, both of which I do love, and Wash has been Netflix/Amazon watching his heart out (that wireless at least still works) and trying to make a "paper/pen RPG" which involves tossing loads of sharp little 2" minis from 40K onto the bed for a few hours a time.

We got in two walks yesterday. We went out again around midnight or so, well after the sun was down (it was in the 80s! (F)) when it was starting to get a bit chilly. We refilled our gallon jug with water and did a 'good deed' before we returned home. It's the type of thing that should be and needs to be done, but for some reason it is so odd, and perhaps embarrassing to talk about. I don't feel like a soapbox today though.

Today I have a routine Doctor visit for myself, and a few errands I hope to enlist a friend to help with. In theory, I get Betty the Blazer back to drive on Wed. Living in a "food island" is incredibly tough- We have no grocery stores within walking distance, and none even that would require only one bus- the minimum would be two transfers. We have a CVS with a small selection of canned goods and a Farmer's Market about a block away that does carry some more "grocery" like items and some fresh local produce, but the prices are all about $2-4 higher in cost for everything in there. I think Whole Foods would be cheaper!
My bro took us shopping briefly on Sat, but there are only so many canned foods Wash will eat.

Stop ranting. Be the Change, and do something.

Wash's next MRI is in a week. By Wash cycles, that means this is his "Pre-MRI-Symptoms" or, his "PMS". About a week before his check, he starts to get a lot more depressed, and morose. He's very negative, and sometimes petty and nasty. He's scared, but does not like to admit it, so he expresses as rage. Fun times, fun, times.

So, a mostly slow day here, but I'm trying to focus back to Wash's needs this week (Because I took 'time off' this weekend to enjoy life and time with my husband and brother, and concentrated on my own needs as well. I don't do that.) and trying to be extra loving and supportive of him, since he is facing some nasty tests next week- or at least there is always always always the possibility of bad news.

Ah, New Years! We did manage to get away, my lovely brother came and took us to his home for the weekend. We had loads of fun, talked, watched movies, played with his cat. Thankfully, I did not worry that much about our property as for the first time since I've lived here the city decided to do their Police Checkpoint/HQ across the street from us! So many officers and dogs patrolling we had no illegal parking, no trash left on our street, and as best we can tell, no traffic accidents around us! A safe start to the New Year is always welcome.

I'm slightly nervous about tomorrow, but I am just trying so hard to be hopeful. We could use some good luck or karma about now, and I just truly Hope it is time.


  1. Glad to hear New Years was pleasant for all concerned. (Perhaps you should invite the Police to use your property next year?)

    Forgive me for being "thick" but ... "good deed"? Not sure what you mean but then, I'm Canadian and the wind-chill right now is 7F so I don't really get the concept of it being 80F in Jan too. ;)

  2. Thinking about y'all. I just finished reading your blog up to now. All I can do, at the moment, is send good wishes/thoughts.