Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Farnsworth Formulae

Thank you; FSM, the Lords of Kobol, G-d Emperor of Dune, G-d of the Cylons.....

We got the best news we could get today, a nice clean stable MRI for Wash. His scarring has not grown, and no signs at all of new tumors.

We're going to take some time to just relax, breathe, and celebrate a little bit.

Also, Wash's Neuro-Oncologist LOVED the little Neuron Plushie we gave her. Geek jokes, love 'em.


  1. Hi Tashi,
    Great news about Wash, I've been thinking about how I've missed you over on groupthink. Merry (late) Christmas, there is a dvd somewhere in the post for you to enjoy. Warehouse 13 as it's a show I love too.

  2. WOO HOO! That is awesome happy for you guys. Enjoy!

  3. I'm awash in a genuine sea of RELIEF ............ (and also Neuro-Oncologic & Spiritual *G.*R.*A.*T.*I.*T.*U.*D.*E.*, too!!) ............ Wash and Tashi!!