Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I keep thinking in my anger/rage right now about the people who are on the other end of the phone/office who don't care about Wash as a person, or helping do anything to keep him alive.
I'm getting so pissed I feel like making some Eugene Mirman esque wishes.

No, I do not wish cancer or ill health for these people.
Frankly, that's just too easy and kind.

No, the people right now denying insurance to my terminal husband? The ones trying to do anything they can, legal or not to kick him off his insurance? Here is my wish.

First, I wish for them to always be cut in line. Every time they get in a queue, try to join the Drive-Through lane, wait for movie tickets, place a bid online... For the rest of their lives they will always be cut. Someone will ALWAYS barge in, take the last spot, make them late for the show, take the first cab....

Second, I wish for their own personal body odor to change to the scent of cooked bacon. To some, it might seem delicious - at first. Slowly, the constant scent of cooked bacon will drive them insane. Either to eat more bacon, or never enjoy it again. I will leave to your imagination what will happen over the summers or when they want to go jogging... or if they have dogs at home.

That's my wish.


  1. Tashi.. for comic relief let me relate: we have a kitchen in our office. One particular person cooks bacon -maple bacon!- nearly every day at 10:30 am. I love bacon. SO much. Due to health I started buying the uncured bacon (it is chemical and preservative free). Bacon is expensive, but the good fresh bacon is outrageous, so I hardly ever buy it anymore. At first, my officemate's bacon cooking habits did indeed drive me insane, distracting me from my work and making me hungry way before lunch, wtf! But now, I am used to it, and I even look forward to it. For tho I still do not buy or eat much bacon, I can still get some bacon satisfaction. Every work day at 10:30 am.

    I hope my little story makes you smile, at least a tiny bit.. :)

  2. I too am a cancer patient and cancer sucks. I do not have brain cancer but cannot even imagine what you go through daily. I have made a token donation. I would love to send you a book or video that you have been wanting. Something to enjoy or provide a distraction. Please email me at I see that your address is a po box - not sure if Amazon will deliver to that. Anyhow, we can work out the details later.

    Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.