Monday, January 30, 2012

It's all right with me

Reasons why I love my husband and his personality?
We're watching a program on some guys who designed a 'prison break' - and one of the convicts is a very heavyset man- compared to his fellow prisoners and most population. Wash is watching the re-enactments and says, "Wow, that guy should have been hitting the Yard more if he was planning on running with the rest of them." About half a minute later in the show the same guy is picked up as he was "too tired" to keep running.
I find it funny that he is still able to be snarky about a show.

The photo is from this Sunday. We had such a good day, it's one of those I will have to hold onto the memories.
I decided very spur of the moment Sunday morning we should have a pic-a-nic day. We got a pic-a-nic backback/kit for our anniversary last year and never had a chance to use it. Sunday was just lovely weather wise, so I said, "Let's go outside, we'll have a pic-a-nic in the park!"
To my happiness and surprise, Wash agreed.

I packed us ginger beer, cheeses (Wisconsin, and not from Koch bros either, natch) crackers, rosemary bread, salads for us, and some fruit. We brought books and games too.
The park was filled with others out enjoying the "spring" air; but the design of Tempe Town Lake is such that there is space for so many people, and you don't feel infringed upon- we felt very secure and private. The water was nice, and there were little kids everywhere on 3 wheels or training bikes. It was just a wonderful day to be a couple, to be people and not "cancer".

We had our friend come over in the evening- the boys replaced our old destroyed door-bell with a lovely new one (it's brass and glows) and cleaned our air-vents too. Then as the "reward" (ha, we love it too) we watched a few episodes of BSG .

For my mum's birthday this week we're going to the Sugar Bowl- it's a ice cream counter that's been around for more than 50 years- my mum used to go as a kid. Ever read "Family Circus"? The ice cream parlour, the pink one? That's based off the real life Sugar Bowl. I've even taken Wash a few times. It's a bit nostalgic, without being too reminiscent of the civil inequalities of the time.

Continuing my good news theme, I am officially covered for health insurance again- yay!- and we are back on the SNAP benefits (food stamps). Now we just have to get Wash squared away with his ALTECS stuff- they are the ones that pay for Respite care and cleaning and such, not Hospice. So, I wait, and let the SW do his job.

It was nice, Sunday. It was nice to pretend, even for just a few hours, like we were normal. Like we could enjoy a day out, putting aside worries. It does not happen often enough, but I have to make the most when it does. These are the memories I will want when he is gone.

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  1. 'A nice, enjoyable Sunday of ............ lovely weather ............ genuine *happiness* ............ deep *love* ............ and of *holding onto your wonderful memories*:

    "The way you wear your hat ~ (Wash)....
    The way you sip your tea ~ (Tashi)....
    The memory of all that....
    No, no they can't take that away from me ~ (from you, Tashi)."


    ---Lyricists George and Ira Gershwin, 1937

    Without (even r.e.m.o.t.e.l.y.) facing what you & Wash are facing, Tashi, there are many longtime-married couples out there who DON'T HAVE The Good Memories Together that you and Wash, (despite your genuinely-agonizing hardships), already have together ............ i.e., even though you're 1 1/2 months away from (only) your 3rd Wedding Anniversary. Your and Wash's love for each other is really *amazing*, you know.

    (((*Hugs*))), and prayers, to you and Wash both ~