Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thus Begins

I love my home. I (for the most part) love my city. I love being this close to my downtown, being able to walk to our main street (Mill Avenue) and the Lake.

Except for about 10 days a year. 4th of July, Christmas Parade, The first week of a new semester, and New Year's Eve.

There is an annual "Block Party" which attracts 40-100,000 people per year.
There is free music.

I frakking hate it.

It's 10am right now. They've started playing music. It's over 4 blocks away and the bass is loud enough I can frakking FEEL it. It's only going to get louder over the next 14 frakking hours.

People park illegally. We caught a couple last year who parked on our LAWN in a mini-van and were having sex! We have had people drive fast on the blind curve at the end of our street and hit /totaled 3 cars. Beer cans are left EVERYWHERE. Glass is left in the streets to shred tires. The city does not clean up my street nor do they even cone it off to allow for just resident parking. I've brought it up before in City Council meetings as the neighbourhood one block south of us is allowed for resident parking only and they do not have the same problems we do.

I'm feeling awful from my shots.
The bass is driving me mad. I want to cry. Even sitting in my closet does not help.

Not a fun day to be my flavour of Aspergian.

Eventually I will find a place or a friend and wisely spend my New Years at that location. For now, I'm just going to be super cranky all day and probably be popping all day (my 'tic' is a verbal sound close to a "pop" I make. I'm usually unaware of it, Wash notes it though.)

Dear Readers, and New Readers,
Just please be safe out there today/tonight. Have plenty of fun, but be safe. Have a designated driver or call for a FREE ride; link below is for all 50 states with programs.
I have worked in a morgue before. PLEASE have fun, but not at the cost of a life.

I will write to you all in a New Year.

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  1. I *SO* know how you feel - we live a couple of blocks from the main street of a sleeply little city-ette here in Canada. In efforts to revive the core, the city has block party after block party all year long.

    I know it's too much to ask but I hope it poured buckets of rain on the 31st and everyone gave up and went home.

    The two of you are in my thoughts.