Friday, January 27, 2012


So far it does seem Wash's med change has helped him with his afternoon energy and his appetite. Sadly, it also seems that anything I say or that happens in the morning is taken as me "attacking" him and he's very rage filled and has very little emotional control.

Seems if he is left alone for a while though, he can mostly calm down, and the rage goes away by afternoon.
Still. We'll talk to his nurse Monday.

In good news after I gathered more than 30 pages of requested documents (at my time and expense of printer ink) to give to the Social Worker (SW) he battled against DES for us for a few more hours on Thursday.
DES-"So, our problem is that based on numbers their medical costs far exceed their reported income."
SW-"Yes, that IS the problem. That is why the need to continue with insurance coverage and the SNAP benefits."
DES-"But HOW are they paying their costs?"
SW-"They're NOT. That's the point! With coverage they can sometimes pay bills with donations and community support. If the coverage stays cancelled, they will be homeless to afford to pay for food and medication."
DES-"Ok, we understand that. But we'll need to do a financial check again in 6 months. Because we don't understand how they are paying bills. The income doesn't exceed expenses."

So, that for basically a few hours. The upside is that our SNAP benefits were back today, but I don't know if they are back-paying our funds or not.
The downside is that outside of getting assigned a name; "Dave"* , we have not moved forward with the ALTECS portion of insurance coverage yet. My paperwork shows that Wash has been enrolled in it since Dec 2011. They are trying to convince the SW that Wash is just now being enrolled and it "takes time". (Hospice Social Worker. Wash doesn't have that kind of "time".) The awesome SW will do battle again with them Monday. See, until he gets ALTECs we can't have insurance pay for Respite Care for Wash and me.

I'm still really keen on the idea of a suit against Arizona et all. I am thinking of trying to bill AHCCCS directly for the costs we've incurred since they fucked up our case. I truly think that is only fair.

At least the kitties have been cuddly and friendly this week.
And my garden continues to grow; tomatoes, peas, beans, strawberries. The garlic is coming up too. Half of the paper whites (flowers) have bloomed and the alyssum has taken over so the smell outside is so fragrant and calming. I try to spend 30-60 minutes out there every day.
Small things, but they make the difference when it's all you have.

*Not his real name


  1. Tashi, your "awesome Social Worker," (who has been battling the Arizona Department of Economic Security for you & Wash), sounds just............ *A.*W.*E.*S.*O.*M.*E.*!! I've had some (rather flamingly-strong) opinions about the financial/other hoops the Arizona DES has made you & Wash jump through, including EVEN ignoring, (i.e., at least at one point), the professional opinion/input of Wash's Oncologic Neurosurgeon (!!); but right now, however, I just feel like sendin' some *e.n.c.o.u.r.a.g.e.m.e.n.t.* TO your Social Worker, who just might be one of those good folks described----(i.e., perhaps from An Arizona That "Used To Be"?)----in this poem:


    Out where the handclasp's a little stronger,
    Out where the smile dwells a little longer,
    That's where the West begins;
    Out where the sun is a little brighter,
    Where the snows that fall are a trifle whiter,
    Where the bonds of home are a wee bit tighter,--
    That's where the West begins.

    Out where the skies are a trifle bluer,
    Out where friendship's a little truer,
    That's where the West begins;
    Out where a fresher breeze is blowing,
    Where there's laughter in every streamlet flowing,
    Where there's more of reaping and less of sowing,--
    That's where the West begins.

    Out where the world is in the making,
    Where fewer hearts in despair are aching,
    That's where the West begins;
    Where there's more of singing and less of sighing,
    Where there's more of giving and less of buying,
    And a man makes friends without half trying,--
    That's where the West begins.

    ---Arthur Chapman

    (((*Hugs*))) and prayers to you and Wash both ~

  2. Hi - just found your wishlist. You should recieve them by 2/1. Hope you and Wash enjoy.

    Many prayers and hope sent your way,