Friday, July 8, 2011

Quick thinking

Throwing some thankfulness out today for my husband.

'Cause he is the one who wakes up when I'm not able to breathe at night. 'Cause I have him to call 911 and keep me breathing til the EMS arrive. He holds my hand in the hospital. He reassures me. He can (with guidance) get paperwork for me done, so I can focus on just not being in pain and being able to breathe.

I love my man. Through the good and bad, the happy and scary moments he is there for me.

More later. I'm discharged now and home from hospital.


  1. Good to know that you're already home and okay. I'm sure that cute little backless dress was comfy, but it's not your style.

    Was this in response to that horrible dust-storm?

  2. Tashi, 'hope you had a good, restful night of sleep LAST night, (i.e., Friday night)----because you SURE DIDN'T have a good, restful night of sleep the night BEFORE, (i.e., Thursday night) ............ your poor, wheezing lungs!!

    That horrible dust storm----(i.e., in your area this past Tuesday, 7/5/11)----probably didn't help your asthma, not one-little-bit either. 'Bet TONS of popcorn-dry, microscopic *pollen spicules* were also IN all of that dust that rolled over the land, too. (I can sure relate, growing up in the Texas Panhandle!!)

    The way that Wash so lovingly takes care of you - (and you of him, of course) - is simply awe-inspiring and almost *soul-transforming* in it's ............ beauty, you know.

    Jack and I hope and pray that your asthma remains under good control, so you won't need *any more* of those late-night Ambulance rides to the ER!!