Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No power in the 'Verse can stop me.... from getting Pie

Rock Springs Cafe, located by Black Canyon City about 50 miles to the North of Pho-town.
They have the best pies in the Universe. Fuck the world, EVERYWHERE.

Picked up two pies today; one for my step-dad's birthday and one for Wash's (they are 3 days apart). We're eating 'em early at the family dinner tomorrow when Wash's parents get into town.

This is the place where we got our pies for our wedding. If we ever have a reception or a public ceremony or some such it will be where our next pies come from.



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  1. Hi! Jack and I both love pie, too----(in fact, this evening we shared a piece of "Peachberry Pie" when we ate at Eat 'N' Park Restaurant, which is a regional chain here)----so I looked at the Rock Springs Cafe website, (i.e., www.rockspringscafe.com/); and learned that they sold about 50,000 pies in 2007. *Fifty thousand* ............ A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!

    Jack's elderly "Aunt Dot"----(i.e., actually the rather opinionated aunt OF his maternal Uncle Don's wife Polly)----used to have AN EXPRESSION that she often used when people....(particularly glaringly-thoughtless and/or "pushy" family members, haha!!)....had intentionally and flagrantly said/done somethin' particularly *egregious*, in her (Aunt Dot's) eyes.

    That expression of Aunt Dot's was, "*Of* *All* *The* *CRUST*!!!!" I'm not sure whether or not you've ever heard this expression before....(I know the slang use of "crusty," e.g., if someone were, say, described AS "a crusty old broad" )....but you're welcome to use Aunt Dot's expression, Tashi----W.h.e.n.e.v.e.r. Y.o.u. M.i.g.h.t. H.a.p.p.e.n. T'. N.e.e.d. I.t. (Tomorrow??!! Haha!!)

    Just from bein' stomped on a few (*ahem*) times myself, I've personally found that the best way to use Aunt Dot's expression - (i.e., depending on the genuine, objective "tenseness" of the social situation) - is to just casually recount............ right from the get-go............ a specific local, national, or international Entertainment News Story, where your own serious, appropriate, and Slightly Scornful - (ala Richard Sennett's "The Fall of Public Man," Knopf, 1977) - Ending Comment is somethin' along the lines of, "I really can't BELIEVE that he/she DID that TO ______ ............ *Of* *All* *The* *CRUST*!!!!"

    Although I haven't needed to use this little technique very often through the decades, it seems to work best with those (supposedly more mature) family members who sometimes seem to have, (as one of their primary hobbies), "Recreational Rippin' & Indignation" OF, and ABOUT, those............ whom most (normal) people ............ IN their own personal, day-in-and-day-out Family Lives ............ genuinely do care about and love.

    When I was much younger, this little technique seemed to be most cautionarilly effective ............ i.e., in a we're-gonna-keep-this-Get-Together-today-*NICE*-and-*CIVIL*-if-it's-the-last-thing-I-do-on-Earth type of way, (haha!!) ............ with those who were about 3 times my age, I'm honestly sad to say. 'Another one of----Life's Unfairnesses, that's for sure.

    'Hope you and Wash have a very nice time tomorrow at your Family Dinner, particularly with your two *glorious* pies from Rock Springs Cafe!!