Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anyone know how to contact Applebee's / media?

To whom it may concern at Applebee's management;

I am writing to inform you of an instance of above and beyond standard service at one of your restaurants.

On Wed July 13th my husband and I went to eat at our local Applebees (Store 909 E Broadway at Tempe, AZ) and we were just moved by how much your staff did for us. My husband is a young adult who has been fighting against a terminal brain cancer for about 20 months. The average life expectancy with this cancer is >3% after 18 months. Every day is obviously special, but last week we wanted to celebrate his being alive for 500 days with cancer.
A 3rd party called our local Applebees for us and spoke to the manager G N about our situation; fighting cancer for months with very little money or time to just celebrate. Your store stepped up and asked us to come in to enjoy a meal.

I wish to truly thank you all for giving us the chance to have a nice evening free of worry. We were able to talk, enjoy the company, and smile. Not only did the two managers come and introduce themselves to us, the waitstaff was quite attentive and the meal itself was absolutely pleasant. We had been told ahead of time that they would 'comp' us one meal and appetizer; and I had enough saved for the occasion that I was more than willing to pay for just one of us to eat out. Your staff decided they could do better, and they did.
The sweetest surprise came when the evening manager (Jeff) not only came over to congratulate my husband on being alive, but that our entire dinner was on the house.

I hope that this small note of appreciation can convey just how much it meant in our lives for that free meal. You have given the two of us a memory of a good time - a time away from the cancer that permeates every bit of our day.
Thank you so much for being truly a neighbourhood restaurant, it is something I will not forget.

Again, with all appreciation
Tashi Pratt-King
K 'Wash' Pratt-King


  1. That is amazing that they were able to do all of that for you!

  2. This brought a tear to my eye. A few years ago I lost my father to cancer and this truly warmed my heart.


  4. When Wash's chances----(at the age of 25 in November 2009, OF being diagnosed WITH Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage 4 of the brain)----were ***1 - IN - 43 - MILLION***, Wash became a member of an awful Medical "Club" that ............ nobody should have to be a member of. *NOBODY*.

    As only a 20something, Wash's grueling, life-altering EXPERIENCES, since then, of PAIN/ILLNESS; POVERTY ............ and LONELINESS, (i.e., since you've said, Tashi, that many of your and Wash's longtime friends, whom you previously had, are suddenly no longer "there," post- cancer diagnosis) ............ have, no doubt, CHANGED your and Wash's definition of WHAT is genuinely "attractive," not only in your peers, but also in other age groups, as well.

    Being GENUINELY "attractive" is not only being superficially "attractive"----(i.e., in the usual, everyday, conventional sense that Hollywood stars are to teens and 20somethings)----but being GENUINELY "attractive" is ............ being like the General Manager G.N. at Applebee's, (i.e., at 909 East Broadway in Tempe, AZ) ............ being like the kind, attentive waitstaff there ............ and also being like the Evening Manager Jeff there.

    All of the Above folks at Applebee's are truly empathetic and compassionate, of course; but they're also all GENUINELY "attractive," too ............ in the best, most-smokin'-and-kickin'-a** sense of the word!!

  5. wow, it may be true that 'there are no free lunches' but apparenlty just occasionally there are free dinners. So glad you enjoyed your treat and congratulations on 500 days!