Monday, January 31, 2011

The Explorers

One of the things we did this weekend.

We went out with my older bro "hiking" and got to the 4th post (almost 1/2 mile) up the mountain. I'm very proud of Wash's endurance and it was great to have some time for us to bond.

I also finally managed to book and go to my (birthday) massage this weekend and I'm sore a bit but it was an hour of glory and I feel SO much better overall. :)

Two doctor appts today and three runs to two different pharmacies.

I've also managed to sicken even Wash with my non-stop X-Files/ The Lone Gunmen marathon. I'm more than halfway done....

My Aspie brain won't let me just "stop" when I'm re-watching a series. Wash has been quite patient and humouring to me with this but he's sick of it I know.

Well, on top of it all it's a Monday so I wonder what new way my state has come up with to fuck with my or Wash's health insurance. I think it's a rather shitty plan- killing the weak, sick, old, infirm, and arrest or harass away the darker skinned people (regardless of citizenship, taxpayers, community givers) until all that's left is the last Great White South.
It's sick.
I honestly wonder why -aside from massive scare tactics- no one has tried to recall (with a serious result) Sho' Joe? Why are there no riots in the streets? No massive show of civil disobedience?

This hurts me not just because this is my state. This hurts me not just because my husband's life is directly affected by this.
This hurts me as a human being to see another human being purposely inflict pain, suffering, and death on yet another human.
I just cannot understand.

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