Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best of a Bad World

Today was not what I expected when I woke.

Wash got through his fasting and ultrasound ok. He was really excited for this evening and our family Taco Tuesday. Planned on watching some Dr Who and maybe getting a game of "Chronology". That was not to be.

All in the timing... as we were driving to my mum's place, my brother passed us on the way to Taco Tuesday dinner... and in the 20 second lead managed to get hit, T-boned, on the way.
I mean, this was literally Wash going "Isn't that your brother?" as the car goes by, we wait to turn and drive one block (20 secs) to see that he was hit and his car might be totaled.

Really not the Taco Tuesday any of us were intending. Gotta say though, my mum stepped up and helped him through the whole thing; from the cops arriving on scene to driving him at 10pm to get a rental car.

I'm sad for him, and I know how hard it's going to be for him to have his routine fucked with.... and yet I'm also very glad it wasn't us.

No one was hurt thankfully.
Insurance will cover everything- or at least it should, and eventually life will get back to normal for him.

I feel bad for him, and at the same time, it could still be worse. It can always be worse.

Tomorrow will be a busy day around the house; cleaning to do, laundry, shopping, cooking, dishes, the tree needs to be taken down and put back away... however, slowly my house is coming into a little bit more order. Cancer fucks with my ability to keep order, but I do strive.

Hoping all of you were accident free today, dear readers.


  1. You are so right- it can always be worse. It is good to count your blessings, often.

    How did I get through my single parent days, when I lived in a rural area with no car, no public transportation, no phone (pre-cellphone days), no income? Well, I kept in my mind a story I had read in national geographic on flooding in Bangladesh. they profiled a single mother with 7 children (the father had died) in her little hut that was full of water. The article explained the monsoon season thing, it was apparently just another seasonal weather thing but everybody just packed everything up for weeks or months at a time every year... during the wet times food was scarce and they plucked at garbage that might float by... they were so thin and haggard looking and had skin rashes and sores from always being wet with the dirty water...

    So yeah. I only had 3 kids and was warm and dry in my little shack on wheels (the 14 X 28 trailer I was living in at the time). I was RICH compared to the lady in Bangladesh!

    That's how I did it.

    I still think about that lady, to this day.

    I wonder what my life would have been like if I would have been born in Bangladesh. :)