Monday, January 3, 2011

Troubles and Tribbles

I feel physically sick.

For a month the new neighbours have been playing an amped guitar/drums/vocals at odd hours loudly.
We live in townhomes with shared walls. Sounds travels. Their unit specifically was just renovated with all tile; so sound is even louder in that particular unit. Really not the best place to be "quiet" nor the best place for "band practice".

For a fucking month I have been getting courage and going over and over to ask them to turn it down after 10pm or when it knocks the paintings off my wall with loudness.

They started in again tonight at 10 ish. I went over to be nice, to not be a bitch, and asked them again to turn it down.
"We gotta play sometime!"
"My husband has cancer, it's after 10 on a week night, please just keep it down."
"That's not my issue"
Then they closed the door on me and proceeded to play extra loud for about 30 mins.

I'm going to have to talk to our landlord tomorrow. I can't live like this. I don't pay to hear my neighbours' shitty attempt to play the same 2 chords for an hour. It's stressing me out way more than I thought. I'm fairly sound sensitive, but these guys are just being dicks on top.

Do I say anything else to them? What do I say to the landlord?- "Hey, just want you to know that the police are going to be here every day that my neighbour plays his music loudly. I've asked him for a month to keep it down and now I'm just going to call the cops. " Is that incentive for the landlords to do anything?

Arggh. So stressed. >:(


  1. I'm willing to be that when you talk to the landlord they will likely have a word with the neighbor. In our old apartments the rule was 3 strikes on noise complaints and I think that is pretty standard. Hopefully an official warning will shut them up. There's no reason for that crap.

  2. Check into what your local noise ordinances are. Most areas have laws about noise over a certain level after a certain time.