Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Can't Stop the Signal

So, a few years ago (before we met) Wash went to Comic-con.
He then ended up in an auction for some Serenity/Firefly props and such. He had his sights set on a movie theatre poster for Serenity signed by the whole (most) cast.
Final auction comes down and it's my Wash going against Harlon Ellison for the poster.
Wash won it.
There's a larger story there, but it's his to tell, and I don't know all the details.

This thing is like... his pride. And he's been crushed because it's so big and needed a custom frame. For the years since he won it it has been sitting in a tube safely tucked in the back of my closet. I had looked and looked and just could not find a frame that wasn't a custom several hundred dollar thing. So, it became one of my "At some point I want to do this for him" project.

Well, today when I was out I spotted a HUGE frame that was "damaged" and being sold for under $10. The 'damage' was a bit of paint that flaked off the top of the frame. Perfect size. I grabbed that frame.

His poster is now hanging in the bedroom. Summer Glau is staring down at us and it's only missing Alan Tudyk's sig. My Wash is beaming.
He keeps staring at it. It makes me laugh to see him this happy. Firefly and Dr Who are his biggest fandoms, aside from his Steampunk stuff.

It might seem like a small thing, but for Wash, he thinks of himself as a Browncoat. Fighting the fight he/they can't win, but know it has to be fought anyway. This is a way to keep him going, keep his ship flying. This poster even has the tag "The Future is Worth Fighting For". I love it. I love how much he loves and values it. I love how it motivates him to live.
He wears a Browncoat wristband and has since he came out of the hospital. He likes to imagine himself fighting against everything wrong, making a difference. I like to agree. He's my own Captain Tightpants. His love keeps me going too.

Fuck Cancer.
Nothing in the 'verse can stop us.