Friday, January 21, 2011

Ahem. Fuck you Jan.

Idea, how about we cut off the car allowance for the State officials who voted for/support Light Rail? No more $600/month for car service, the State would pay for a bus pass and Light Rail pass for the year. They get to be more in touch with constituents and the money saved can be sent to AHCCCS!

It's hard enough as it is to try and "live" long enough to die fast enough for Arizona.

If Brewer gets her way Wash will be dead fast. No more medical coverage and I simply cannot afford a 6 figure yearly income to pay for his care.
Or my own. No more medical coverage for me either, and I've now got some pre-existing conditions so I'm fucked too.

Dropping 280,000 people (the POOREST- they still make under 15,000 year) and then cutting off any hope for a transplant (which if Wash wants to live for say, maybe a year longer he might need) from our state ... that will and it has killed people.

Right now, anyone who is healthy and not living in Arizona... be thankful. You have a chance at life.
I just have a harder time convincing people that my husband is a 26 year old person with rights to live a happy life- as long as it may be. They see him only as a number which costs them money.
People are seen as numbers and money- this is a matter of life and death, not numbers on a sheet!

Fucking disgusted with my state and its policies on paying for travel cars over transplants.


  1. Roger Ebert has tweeted this entry for you.

  2. I spent 4 years caring for my brother who had brain cancer and I can completely empathize with you and Wash and your life right now. I know it's just Internet support but you have ours. We will be thinking of you both and sending our love. Do you have a paypal or place we could send a bit of a donation for care? tuliptoe (at) gmail LMK xoxo

  3. I'm using your PayPal link to send you a little something. @ebertchicago brought your situation to my attention.

  4. Sorry! I missed the button since I'm on my phone! Sending a donation your way.

  5. hi... Just blessings and Grace to you both. the GOP railed about Obama's non existant death panels, because insurance companies want them, I'm aso sorry you got caught in between,